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  1. Hi, just joined the group don't know if anyone can help me... I'm currently under training at 1RSME Chatham and getting a bit bored, wishing I had joined my local reg PWRR as I see more and more of the lads I know already at unit and enjoying themselves while I'm stuck around people I don't really get on with and not enjoying life at all... Anyone know if it's possible to transfer to infantry from the engineers and if so what the process is? Many thanks to anyone who can help me out :)
  2. Not sure how this is professionally qualified rectuitment.

    And yes you can transfer. Speak to a senior nco or ask for a meeting with commander. Talk them through your reasons. They will want to keep you if your not a retard and will try and work it out.

    I've decided to be nice though. Your mates at reg will be having a good time... For a few months. Then the tediousness of the infantry will kick in. I don't know one bloke in the infantry who doesn't say its boring as pig shit. Your still training, so they are going to be more rigid. Just take it on the chin and get your trade. Once you've done your phase two you will be in the same position as the infantry mongo's, however you will have something to show when you leave.
  3. How far into training are you? Check that you aren't suffering from greengrassitis before making a move.

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  4. I'm about 8 weeks away from finishing trade.. Enjoying the trade just not really feeling any sense of pride being in the Engineers... Sorry wasn't sure where to post I'm new to this lol... Would I have to go back through basic training again?
  5. Wait til you get to the field army and see how you like it.

    I think you may be in for a pleasant surprise.

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  6. Eight weeks isn't long, don't start out by being a failure, think of the longer term advantages, don't focus on being 'bored' or others seemingly enjoying themselves more. I'd find a better career more interesting , I'd find the chances of promotion interesting, nope can't see why you're bored. Work isn't about being interesting or enjoyable but if it is interesting and enjoyable it's a bonus.
  7. Chin up lad. I know loads of blokes in the line infantry and even in the oh so impressive maroon machine, who do nothing but tell me how bored they are and how shit it is. Training isn't about making you have a good time or feel pride in your cap bage - it's about testing if you can cut it and teaching you some basic skills.

    Do the 8 weeks, and after that have a go at your regiment. It will be a lot more fun and if you don't enjoy that you won't enjoy the infantry. You will still be able to transfer once you've done your phase two. Plus you will still have to do your infantry phase two so you won't be at regiment any quicker.

    Also just read your question. You'd have to do your phase two at catterick. I'm not hot on the rules but believe your phase one would be fine. It's still another three months, and and thats only when they can get you on it.
  8. Have you a Trade restriction?

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