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  1. Im currently in the application process for the yorkshire regiment, I have already put my medical form in and it seems to have been accepted, I called up today and I had a chat about what my options are I have now narrowed it down to yorks, reme and royal engineers, she has made me an interview for wed 21st aug, I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some help with a few things, Iv just copied apart of the email into this thread so you can see, you should know a comprehensive knowledge of what you will be expected to do during ADSC.
    A thorough knowledge of Phase 1 training, where training is, how long it is, and what you will be doing.
    Please ensure you research the British army and know about your job choices, including training and how long.
    You will also need to know the Standards and values of the Army.
    What fitness standards you are required to reach for your jobs.
    If anyone cold help me out I would be really great full, cheers.

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  2. Use the search, use the stickies.
  3. seriously if you have a question google it as a Question " where can I buy a fluffy bunny rabbit with a small keyring"

    ..ok might not find that one
  4. The rumour is you prefer Rampant rabbits DTC.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.