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  1. Gentleman your wisdom is required ref nato and un medal for Bosnia .
    A pint wager is riding on this against a self proclaimed know it all

    Am I right in saying you can be awarded both nato and un medals for Bosnia
    Or is the time frame to small
    The font of all knowledge says no and can't have two medals for one war

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  2. You could get a UN medal after 90 days, and a NATO medal after 30 days after that. Although I never met anyone who got both.
  3. A Sqn in my regiment were there for 3 months with the UN, they then went in the field and had to go black and green for NATO - they only got issued the UN medal. I think there is another thread similar to this (without the wager) and people only got 1 gong, the only doubled gonging in recent times (That you could wear both) was Cyprus UN with Gulf war 1.
  4. If you were in theatre when the role changed from UN to NATO then you'd have got both as long as you did the required days to be eligible.
  5. I have both medals. UN medal from June 95 to October 95 and NATO from Jan 96 to April 96. Not sure if that's what you mean though.
  6. Plenty of folk I know did tours as UNMOs and then went back later on formed units with SFOR. They wear both.

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  7. I think he's more on about what Fall's mentioned - one 6 month tour and getting both medals. I had mates who ended up with UN Bosnia, NATO Former Yugoslavia and NATO Kosovo, but all seperate tours.
  8. Couple of blokes who took over from me in Sarajevo in the October and then swapped beret's in the January got both medals as we all ended up on the same det at Lisina (sp) but I think they did 6 month in total, from October to March.
  9. Not true, people serving in Bosnia during the switch from NATO to EUFOR were awarded both medals (provided they did the required number of days for both)
  10. Wasn't there a push from a few senior officers from your regiment to getthe EUFOR medal? Must admit it's a strange looking gong!
  11. Not that I'm aware of, but wouldn't necessarily rule that possibility out.