Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by taffbird, Sep 15, 2005.

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  1. I've just put in my first application form so the process is right at the early stage, but I was just wondering if anyone has any advice, anything at all!!! negative/positive I don't mind, I jus want to know what I'm letting myself in for. I have had some advice from soldiers but it's mostly the oh come and join because we need fit chicks haha!! which is all well and good but I'm just looking for a bit of serious advice??? can anyone help?
  2. Which paper do you write for?
  3. OMG??? What?
  4. Photos first, then advice!
  5. how do i do pics on here??? im not gonna go postin my pic all over sum army website but if u cn gimme a suggestion on how els to do it ill gladly show u me :)
  6. First piece of advice is for free. Start using punctuation properly, stop using abbreviations, text speak and so on.

    Given which board you've posted on, clear communication is required and most people on here can't stand anything that offers a suggestion of chav!
  7. Ok, fair point! I'm far from a chav though - so will somebody please give me what I am asking for? Come on it's not like I'm asking for a limb from you - I am genuinely wanting to join the int corps. Please?
  8. Oh .... so You dont fancy appearing in my new Porn film " Danish Dentist on the Job" then ?
  9. Would I have a lead role? If so sign me up so I can show case my talents! Perhaps you should consider changing the nationality of the guy though, the danes aren't known for their lengthy manhood, may I suggest Dominican Dentist - he's guaranteed to get the filling right!
  10. :twisted: Oh go on then, close your eyes and think of England

    You really must be more careful with what you say
  11. Ok I concede, I'm not going to get any worthwhile information from you am I? I'll just go back to the drawing board and my advice from paras. Cheers for that anyway!
  12. Don't give up so easily!

    What information do you want? Be specific - basic training, kit, expectations, trade training, will combats make your bum look big...probably they do for every other bint serving, or is that all of the pies?
  13. TB,

    Just go into the INT CORPS forum, there are a number of threads there that will give you the advice you need.

    Guys - We are undermanned enough as it is. Don't go scaring people off.
  14. Thanks loads Crap Spy! I'm going to get through it all now - I was just wondering too is the Intelligence corps like other regs i.e has a base? If so where is it? Or does it get attached to other regiments? Also, I have the necessary qualifications to try for officer and this is what my family keeps banging on about but I'm really put off by it - In today's day and age is there still a certain snobbery associated with it? I mean, at heart I just enjoy having a laugh and a giggle and mad nights out, would being an officer stop me from doing these things? And would I be prevented from mixing with regular soldiers?