Discussion in 'Education and Resettlement Courses' started by jamie1996, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. Hi guys im 16 and have been given my place to start trainning in March. I am still suposed to go to school untill Christamas however i havent been going the last few weeks as it is pointless. My teacher has said to my mum that the army might ask to see my attendence record now and would see i have given up on school, Is this true and if so would it mean they could take my place off me? someone please help!
  2. You gave up on it because it was pointless? Your not going to do well in the army if you dont like doing pointless tasks.

    Get your arrse back to school, go see the head and apologise for being a muppet waster, and start showing some commitment. Perhaps if you spent more time at school your spelling would be better (and yes, i know mines crap, but im much older than you!)
  3. yeah i know what your saying, but there is nothing more i can get at school as i start training before my final exams?
  4. i have good grades though? and i stoped going about 2 weeks ago because it gives me time to train for phase 1

  5. So you wont sit your final exams ?
  6. Why are you asking us about your grades?

    Seriously, from the state of your posts, you need to spend as much time as possible in school. Don't forget, the Army is an organisation that requires its members to equip themselves to learn lots and lots and lots of information in a short time.
  7. You are a waster, don't join the Army, get on the dole instead
  8. yes..he should follow your lead.
  9. yes..he should follow your lead.

    look you can tell its me...honest

  10. You drunk again, pal?
  11. [​IMG]

    no thats not you though mate....walt
  12. More importantly than the threat that the Army might want to see your attendance records (slim) is the risk that if your mum does not ensure you attend school, she could face a fine or even imprisonment. Is this what you want?
  13. Me, on a range day on Telic 10 with JFEOD group. Now piss off, trigger.