my father told me recently that i have a relative in the Navy, but he is unwilling to tell me anything about him except he is my half-brother. his mother left my dad and put her new partner's name on the birth certificate, in which the name is shared by my father Barry Andrew Austen, i don't know his date of birth, or where he lives now, i don't even know if he knows he has two half-sisters, if anyone could find anything i would be grateful cause i would like to meet him


I was going to recommend going to Joannas every night for the rest of your life, and you'll probably bump into him. But it's been pulled down.
It is probably best left as is. Having a relative in the navy is just too much of an embarrassment, what with the golden rivets and all that.


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Grown up head on.

Not the NAAFI, read the forum rules. If piss taking continues will close the thread.
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