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  1. I recently left an Army training establishment because I found that the training establishment wasn't for me however I feel deeply passionate about the Army and I am determined to wear the maroon beret. I am now looking into becoming an Officer in the British Army I know I have what it take to undergo and pass the commissioning course at RMA Sandhurst but I dont think I'm not confident I will get in. When I was in training I was being put forward for Sandhurst by my Platoon Commander and my OC thinks I am capable of going far in the Army but I'm struggling to know what I should do from here in order to become an Officer Cadet. Id be grateful for any feedback you could give me.Thanks.
  2. Go talk to an Officer Careers Adviser. They will talk you through the steps.
  3. From the general tone of your post you would seem a suitable candidate for a career as an officer. Unsure, unsettled and unknowing. Go for it!
  4. Speak to the army officers careers advisor by all means. However, ask yourself this; if you can't hack phase 1 training intended for soldiers, how do you think you are likely to cope with the commissioning course which is naturally significantly more intense?

    If you think that Sandhurst is some sort of cushy or easier option and that being an officer is somehow easier than being a soldier, you need to think again.

    It seems to me that there have been rather a lot of "I'm not really sure whether I want to be an officer or a soldier, but I definitely want to be airborne/para" questions around here recently. In answer to them all, decide whether you want to be and are capable of becoming an officer first, then decide on the part of the army (airborne or otherwise) that you wish to be a part of.
  5. It wasnt that I couldnt handle phase 1 training if anything it wasnt challenging enough and I do not think that Sandhurst is some sort of cushy place I understand that it will be hard work. But thank you for the advice.

    I know that I want to be part of the Parachute Regiment but what are the chances of getting into Sandhurst without A levels or a degree??
  6. Zero you actually need at least A levels, you can do the sixth form thingy if your young enough.

    I think your going to have a hard time selling yourself any way, unless you can prove you were absolutely top of your class found everything boring and easy and then quit phase 1 training, otherwise it does not look promising.

    Good luck, like everyone said go see your ACA you will get all the facts in one short conversation.
  7. You don't need A levels but you need 180 UCAS points. You can get them with other qualifications such as BTECs.

    The education requirements are 35 ALIS points (7x 'C' grade GCSE or above) and 180 UCAS. If you get those then you can apply.
    You don't have to have a degree but around 80% of Officers do.
  8. Don't know what a BTEC is but upon rereading the requirements you are correct, as long as they are eqivalent to A levels I am sure they would count.
  9. Personally, I do not think you have what it takes to become either:

    a. An Officer in the British Army

    b. Any rank at all in the Parachute Regiment

    Feel free to prove me wrong.
  10. Well I'm going to go down to my recruiting office see what they say and hopefully try my best to get in. I have recommendations off of my OC and platoon Commander would they help? :/
  11. If you were in the Army then your CO can get you to AOSB even if you don't have the Qualifications. Since you are not in the army, all direct entry officers require these grades.

    If you are so desperate to become an officer then I would recommend you go and get the 180 UCAS points and then go to AOSB.

    Please correct me if I am wrong
  12. Are you BB and is this another poor windup? You sound totally unsuitable for any role in the Services!
  13. Agreed!

    You’re probably not cut out for the military, so try and join the Navy instead.
  14. you sound like a complete waste of space , i hope your happy knowing that you left training after taking a place that somone else could have had , it pisses me off when ***** like you leave training for shitty reasons when theres people who would actualy stay that have to wait because pricks like you are taking up valuble space, you walk into a careers office and tell them you left phase 1 because you were bored they should kick you in the fuckin hoop so you land right outside the door . Prick

    rant over , if this is a wind up your a **** anyway
  15. You're wrong. How can you make the judgement that I'm not suitable for the military?
    I really fail to see how you could make this assumption on what I've said.
    I did not come on here for negative advice I only wanted a little help from a place where I thought I could get valued opinions from people who have much more experience in the matter than I do myself.
    I was given junior rank and put forward for Sandhurst so surely I can't be that unsuitable for the military can I?