Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by TamH70, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Anyone able to procure for me an I/O shield for an Asus P5K64 WS motherboard? I got an oem version of the board for a reasonable price from Advancetec, thinking that getting a shield would be easy.

    Fortnight later I have four hundred pounds of kit lying in piles on my floor, still boxed, waiting to be put into a nice black Antec Nine Hundred Two case, (and no, I have no idea why Antec called it that) and I am still no further forward in being able to do so. I have one ordered, but I think I have more chance of re-growing my hair and teeth than getting it from the company this side of the next millennium.

    Any help would be gratefully received with thanks.

  2. Thanks for that, Harry. Seems I will have to check the links out and see which one will skin me the least.

  3. Ill see if I can come up with any others, must admit they aren't as cheap as I would like them to be for something that simple.
  4. If you have an old I/O Shield, can yo modify it until you get your replacement?
  5. Hmm, that is an idea. I think I can give it a go. After all, I have brought computers back from the grave that had enfolded them far longer than Lazarus when Jesus did his resurrecting the dead thingy.

  6. It's worth gving it a crack, afterall, the I/O sheild only really stops dust
  7. It's a bit of a fag to do but some years ago I compleatly mangled one, what I did was get some 30tho. clear plasicard from a modeling shop, cut a bit to size and holding it over the conections draw around their profiles and cut out with a scalple. Once you have good fit punch some screw holes and fit in place. It took about an hour to do but still in place and holding up fine to this day.
  8. I may need a competent adult to do the scalpel/plastic interface though, cut my pointer finger on something today,
    don't mind the sight of blood much but it is a bugger when one is trying to touch-type through a plaster, :cool:

  9. You could always try installing without it. I have run pc's without any hassle for years without an I/O cut out.
    Just a few extra ventilation holes
  10. Thanks for all the tips folks. I shoved the motherboard, the dvd drive and the harddisks in yesterday, for a final check fit. Next job is to rip out the motherboard again, install the processor and the non-intel cooler I have lying around somewhere, which means I have to get the mo-bo out otherwise I can't put in the cooler. Bit of a faf really. The current mongrel I am using will have to donate its cpu and power-supply, then I can launch the carcass down to the civic dump site for recycling. I may have to keep the motherboard as a back up, which is another faf, but what can you do?

    I am looking forward to a pc that looks like one and not an assemblage of pits chucked together by a two year old, :cool:
    Even if I was the two year old in question, :cool:

  11. It does a little more than that. If you dont have the 'spring loaded' brackets on the back you can get grounding loops occuring around the connectors. It also serves (although only marginally) to limit EMC out of the machine and from external sources getting into it. With no I/O shield it may impact your cooling efficiency because the hole in the back effects the airflow through the case and allows more dust in.

    Having said all that, ive run PC's without shields before and not had any problems.

    TamH70, have you tried contacting Asus direct to see if they can provide a replacement at a erasonable cost?
  12. I think I may try that end of things as well, Harry. I am so near getting my big black box working I can taste things other than the blood I shed from my cut finger, :cool:

    I think in future I will only buy motherboards with I/O shields included. I know I probably should have done so in this case but I saw a bargain and jumped at it.

  13. Finally got an I/O Shield suitable for the motherboard, from the second supplier I went for. Amazing how something gets delivered quicker from Taiwan, on the other side of the world, than from Europe.

    Now to install the thing and hopefully not screw up a working Windows 7 installation because I didn't sacrifice enough goats or summat.

  14. Good luck :)