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i need help i DAOR in feb ths year and have not slepped righ since really regret it, i have rang my local careers office to see if they have a date i can go back in but they dont is there a number i can ring to find out??? please help :)
What exactly did they say at the careers office?

Will you need to start the process over?

Will they want you after binning it the 1st time?
Well it's obvious that you've got learning problems of some sort.
Maybe thats why they won't give you a date.
Or you're a c0ck.

If you wanted it so bad you should've stayed in when you had the chance.
Why did you DAOR? Were there extenuating circumstances such as illness or a death in the family?
i daor because i didnt think it was for me, the army careers said they havnt heard anything so i was wondering if there was anywere else i could ring to find out and lost ulsterman your a dick
Why do you think it's any different now? Why are you interested again?
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