Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by sooty, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. at the end of last year i lent my brother inlaw (13 years) my spair issue boots to start the cabets because his mother didnt want him to have the cadet issue boots. i lent my boots to him so he could still go to cabets until his mum got him a pair of his own. i am now trying to move from the TA into the regulars so require my boots back to de-kit and his mother refuses to return my boots. i have been asking for them back since before christmas and have been to the police who say they cant help, and have contacted the captain of his cadet force who tryed to get the boots from him for me only for the mother to wright him a letter saying why he shouldnt give them back. what should i do next??
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Go diffy and remember that you can choose your friends but not your family!
  3. Man up and go diffy a pair of boots, only costs about £20 or so pounds out of your wage. Learn from your mistakes as well, you might not like it but this happens in the big bad world. What are you hoping to do in the regs?
  4. REME as a VM. i studied as a mechanic at college so thourght i would keep that going.

    so you just think i sould give in and get a new set?
  5. E-bay, get the shittest pair of worn in boots for 99p that you can and hand them in instead.
  6. Definitely - for the sake of £20 worth of boots that you're probably not going to get back anyway, is it really worth having bad blood with your family by getting the police involved?

    Just go diffy, pick up the bill when you de-kit at your TAC, and put it down to experience.

    Edit: Whiskey_60's idea is cheaper than mine, but the other points stand.
  7. That is another option, cheap pair from ebay or army surplus store. Try and get your size though, some Clothing Store guys are the salt of the earth but others can be complete throbbers. Was once told I couldn't exchange a pair of boots because he only had one pair left in my size and he wanted to keep them incase someone needed them. Having a hole in mine, I said I needed them but he wasn't interested, me being a lowly private at the time. A quick word with the CSM got it sorted though.
  8. there is already a lot of bad blood in the family between my little family and her's. i thourght it was all sorted and in the past and then this happends its a bit of a last straw sort of thing
  9. Oh right if that's the case I retract my sensible comment and suggest you take an entrenching tool (hand, of course) to her and the remainder of her mongy households heads and retrieve your boots from the mess.
  10. thats what my wife said but was gonna try every other option first.

  11. I am your Wife...
  12. She'll have to be killed. It's for her own good. ... .... Wait what have I said? ..... He might go and do it. ... Cancel my first. Just remember in future that she is lower than a pigmy's scrotum.
  13. Just remember to clean the blood off your boots afterwards. At least half the stores blokes I've known won't accept anything dirty even if it's going in the bin immediately.
  14. whiskey o6 i thourght so.

    so there is nothing else i can do then??
  15. Go and wait outside the the cadets and mug the little git to get them back!!
    Maybe after he's walked home in bare feet his Mum might consider letting him get his own boots :)