Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by bibo_boy, Mar 17, 2005.

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  2. You need to talk to your Troop Comd, PSAO or PSI.... there should be opportunities coming up with ARRC or future Telic's.

    You need to check that you fulfill mob requirements... its sounds like you do already, but never assume.
  3. Maybe Tone's grooming you for something...special!
  5. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    ARRC is the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, based in Germany, but led in many areas (inc. Sigs) by Brits.

    Chances of mob next year depend on many things, but mainly, as far as we have been told (REME) it is the state of Iraq. NATO (i.e the ARRC) is due to send lots of bodies to Afghansitan next year; if, at the same time, we remain in Iraq in strength (any bets there?) then there will be a need for some mobilisation, as, oddly enough, there won't be enough Regs to go round (again :roll: ).

    So, look for a good chance of Mob'ing early next year, if you can't get something sooner. There are ususally plenty of places available, depends on Trade of course, but check with your PSI or Training Major directly. There are ways to get you 'properly' mobilised, and thus covered (as far as it goes) by the RFA protection rather than going FTRS.
  6. Put your name down for C or C+E courses or get some IT/IS skills, they seem to be the skills regular sigs are short of.

    Also get your class 2 RS Op, many TA trades aren't completed until class 2.

    I guessing that your a RS Op(NC) as you've not heard about ARRC, thats quite different from the reg trade.
  8. Bibo_Boy

    Read your notice boards, there should be trawl paperwork pinned to it somewhere. Your SPSI shouldn't have any problems finding you a slot. Also if the Army website has been updated, there should be a current list of Mob/FTRS vacancies there.
  9. What signal brigade are you from? I'm guessing your in 2 brigade like me, you will therefore be a class 3 rad sys op (NC) V like polar said.

    I wouldnt say hurry an get your class 2 done but driving quals are good if you dont have grandfather rights.

    As for getting called up I've been told its best to wait till your an NCO so at least your not guarenteed to be someone's b!tch when you get out there.

    If you're still desperate go see your PSAO

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  12. bb, I've no doubt your gonna get called up within the year, the TA doesn't have any IS trades (yet), they are pinging everyone with civ IT quals or works in the trade. I'm pretty certain they won't let you go as anything else.

    If you want to know when your likely to be pinged have a look at http:\\ (read the artical on the RHS).

    Also look at signals web pages and look at how many reg and TA regts support ARRC (its 2 Bdes worth), obviously all of these aren't going to Stan
  13. I think u have to class 2 to be a JNCO

    Your YofS was mobilised? .... they're filling those slots with TA :twisted:
  15. If you can get your chain of command on side, then they should be able to get in touch with the Mobilisations Cell at HQ LAND and find you something. There's a fair chance it won't end up with the Royal Signals, but they should have something. Could well end up as a dvr anywhere.

    Some Regiments are just providing people when they're specifically tasked to do so and are not seeking opportunities for those who want to go at other times. It might be that your Regiment won't want you to get mobilised now if they're anticipating having to provide a certain number of bods for Telic / Stan in the not too distant future (ie. if they mobilise you now, they'll have to find someone else later who might not want to be so keen to go). But worth asking the question if you want to go now.