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  1. Hello,

    Ive got my interview thursday and doing everything to be sure im prepared.

    The job: Royal Logistics Cops
    Trade: Driver and communications speacilist
    Link: http://www.armyjobs.mod.uk/jobs/pages/JobDetail.aspx?armyjobid=RLC210%2f219&category=4

    Im confused with a few things on filling out "Your 3 job choices" form, the problem is ive managed to list phase 1 and 2 but can not find phase 3 location or time?

    Can someone also confirm to me that phase 2 is correct

    Phase 1:
    Lengh of training: 14 Week
    Location: Pirbright, Surrey
    What you will be doing: Basic Soldiering

    Phase 2:
    Lengh of training: 11 Week
    Location: Linconfield, East Yorkshire
    What you will be doing: Driver Training

    Phase 3:
    Lengh of training:
    What you will be doing:
  2. Royal Engineer's have a specific Phase 3 training.
    Phase 3 for most other jobs/careers (after joining your unit) is ongoing training throughout your Army career: courses, cadres etc

    (Quite happy to stand corrected)
    Hope This Helps

    Syn :)
  3. Your Phase 3 is going to be communications training being a Driver/Communications operator ;)

    As far as i am aware it is completed at Deepcut but off the top of my head i couldnt tell you how long it is.
  4. Don't just say basic soldering for phase 1, explain what that involves though. Foot drill, fieldcraft, weapon handling, personal admin etc.
  5. another thing im going to be asked is "what the army do" can anyone just give me a rough idea what he wants me to say?
  6. Are you been serious mate?
  7. Is that the new term for Driver/Radop?
  8. Yes im being serious, My interview is thursday and want to make sure im prepared for everything.
  9. If you don't know "what the army do" then have a read up, army.mod.uk, wikipedia and google will help.
  10. I'm pretty sure your Phase 2 will be at Leconfield :wink:
  11. It is actually Driver/Communications Specialist which i think is a bit misleading to be honest, the rest of the army 'operates' whilst R Signals are specialists.
  12. Its not that ive had a bit of confusion, some people explain there current trade (what the army do in there trade) and some people what the whole army does.
  13. Just read through your own job choice's details, brush up on the various roles the army fulfills and maybe some bits and pieces on current operations etc. And most important of all.........good luck for thursday and stop worrying. Got my fingers crossed for ya buddy :)
  14. OK mate, well in my interview I was asked specifically what I knew about my chosen job and regiment. EG where would i go for training? Where are the batallions and what are their roles? Your interview at the AFCO isn't really anything to worry about, just dress smart, sit up straight and look him in the eye.
  15. Dont worry about your interview, you wont need to know it like the back of your hand.

    Just make sure you dress smart, get there on time, firm handshake and all that.