Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by 2Lt_Flashman, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. I am a member of my local inf regt but haven't commenced any training as have been having some (now resolved) employer problems.
    I want to become a TA officer but getting the info on this and been directed in the right direction by my unit has been a f*cking nightmare.

    I know about the DEPO course but can't seem to get them to talk to me about anything other than TAPO; even then they keep saying 'you'll need to do phase 1 first and then TAPO' - is this right?

    I am desperate to get on with this; I've been banging my head against a brick wall for months now. Am quite happy to do Phase 1 but I'm a bit worried that I won't be able to get toward a commission just because I'm finding it so hard to get any movement. At one point I got miffed and thought about buggering off - RNR have offered me a commission but if I'm honest my blood is green rather than blue.

    Can someone please advise me what the hell I should do!!???
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Go to another unit.

    Otherwise arrange an interview with your OC.

  3. My OC is fairly new and doesn't really seem to know what to do - I have approached him and he just refers me to the PSAO and around we go again in a circle.

    How easy is it to transfer as there is another unit not all that far away that I did think about contacting in the first place? Do they just transfer the records and then I'd commence training through them?
  4. Suggest if you aren't getting anywhere with your OC or PSAO and you ask for a transfer it will do one of two things:

    1. Focus their minds on trying to help you before you jump ship 8)

    2. Identify them as never going to give you the right info, help or guidance & focus your mind on jumping ship 8O

    Hope its No 1 :D
  5. You could try phoning your local Regional Training Centre (RTC) as they run much of the TAPO training and therefore are pretty up to speed on procedures and paperwork.

    I've even known one RTC put an OCs 'back in their box' when said OC tried to prevent one of their soldiers going for officer selection/training. Though I certainly would not recommend a confrontational approach on your part.
  6. If I am reading your post right you have not even started Ph1 yet.

    If that is the case, you will HAVE to complete that no matter what first.

    The process for all new TAPO's is this:

    x6 weekends Ph1A & B

    TAPO Continuance Training:
    a further x3 weekend along side Inf SuT
    Mod 2
    Mod 3
    Mod 4 (RMAS)

    Most of the RTC's around the UK will run a Soldier Training Wing (recruit Training), a Specialist Training Wing and an Officer Training Wing for TAPO's.

    The subject matter experts for TAPO training are RTC's. If your unit is not helping it may be through ignorance of the current system.

    Whilst at your RTC undergoing your Ph1A/B enquire about the process with the staff they WILL be able to point you in the correct direction.
  7. So how do you get involved with DEPO then?
  8. No I haven't started Ph1 yet. Am happy to go through Ph1a/b but if there is a way of getting going with the officer training asap then obviously I'd be interested in looking at that. Can someone clarrify DEPO to me?
  9. Which RTC would you come under? see info from the LDRTC website (on Armynet, couldn't find the public version...) Either way you'll still have to do Phase 1 as per the previous post.

    "Introductory Presentations take place at Yeomanry House in Handel Street, London WC1N 1NP, on the first Tuesday in every month, starting at 1900 hrs and lasting about two hours.

    After watching a video on the DETAPO scheme and listening to a presentation about the TA, you will have the opportunity to pose your questions to serving TA officers
  10. Flashman pm me if you want I'm currently going through TAPO and can get my hands on info for DEPO for you also via my other half. What RTC do you come under?