Help yourself to the box of chocolates

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by RearWords, Jun 23, 2011.

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  1. Following on from the favourite biscuit thread.

    In a box of chocolates which one would you head for:

    Plain chocolate - don't care about the filling; same with milk or white chocolate;
    Got to be the truffle;
    Strawberry or orange cream;
    The nutty one;
    Turkish delight;

    Or my fav caramel toffee.

    If you had to match up a chocolate with an ARRSE username, what would your guess be?

    ...Jarrod = Turkish Delight.
  2. I don't eat anything sweet. Die you ugly cunt.
  3. Only salty goods?
  4. Boxes of chocolates,the favourite treat for homosexuals.Are you trying to tell us something?
  5. I thought it was boxes of amyl nitrate...oops!
  6. Caramel toffee YUM!

    Afghan_Khandak=Lark Vomit Surprise.
  7. Without hesitation, it's the orange cream
  8. All


    But all yes all

    Not all at once

    But all over a short time frame

  9. What the fuck is this shite ?
  10. It's not as good as the 'Man Paralysed by Pork Chop'
    Headline...........or is it?
  11. Did you miss the biscuit thread? Nearly as exciting that was.
  12. Yes, it was a right rivetting read. A rollercoaster of emotion that plumbed the very depths oh the human psyche.

    Edge of the seat stuuf and a real page turner... erm... you were being sarky weren't you?
  13. I have never knowingly been sarcastic.
  14. What not never?
  15. Rearwords = Squirrel Shite Delight