Help - Written my car off, what happens next

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ArseyMO, Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. My fault entirely, F**k, F**k, F**k, which were about the last things that went through my head as I skidded on a wet road and wrapped my car round a lamp-post.

    Recovered my car to the insurer recommended bodyshop, who rang me this evening and said "beyond economical repair".

    Apparently someone will be in touch later in the week to make me an offer, what does that mean? Anyone with any advice, it is sorely needed at this time.
  2. Basically they'll make you a cash offer on the value of the car. Good luck.
  3. Buy some stout walking shoes and a bus ticket! :lol:
  4. msr

    msr LE

  5. The first offer is not usually on the price, (i.e they are trying to pay as little as possible). You are usually almost expected to refuse the first offer, tell them the price it will actually cost to replace it, dont flower this up too much!(dont give stupid values, but a bit of an increase can be added in).
    They may come back with a new offer.

    If your car in "uneconomical" to repair, how much to repair? You may be able to buy the car back (haggle like f8ck over the price), and get it repared localy?

    The abovc advice you should take with a pinch of salt, it may not be the right way for you.

    Good luck.
  6. Wasn't you in a silver car up in the North East tonight, was it ArseyMO?
  7. Nope, that was some other idiot arguing with a lamp-post!
  8. Check what they consider "average mileage" and how much they deduct for being over that mileage. Then work out how much more is the value if the car is under that mileage for the age (in months), then get back to them saying "by your figures, I have worked out the value as £xxx. I got an offer upped by a few hundred quid once by doing that on a low mileage car. They usually have offered less than that. Again, don't accept the first offer!

    It might be worth you asking to keep the car and have the money towards repairing it. Get a quote as to how much it will cost to get fixed from a local body-shop as opposed to an insurance-based one. They inflate the prices as they know insurance are paying for it anyway.
  9. Personally I would bill you for the lamp post and make you eat the remains of your car.

    Car crashes are for girls
  10. If he hung around and its been noted by plod.... expect a bill for the lampost... last i heard the go for around £450/600 depending on where you are etc..

    As for the car, depends who the insurance company is, well... dont pay to much attention to the company name they're all owned by about 3 companies anyway....

    Do your homework before they call, and BE POLITE... you'll be amazed how much further you get...

    guess who used to be a bodyshop estimator...
  11. Make sure to scrape the remains of the pensioner out of the grille, and FFS GET MADDIE OUT OF THE BOOT.
  12. You sick Bsatard :puker: But it was funny.
  13. Take some driving lessons.
  14. My last one went like this.

    Car taken to garage - bloke says it will cost £1500 to repair but car is only worth £600.

    Insurance company says not paying for repairs here is £500. (Note £500 not £600 ba'tards)

    Bloke in garage now says "You know I think I could probably repair that for about £550".

    Pay bloke in garge £500 of insurance and £50 out of pocket. Get car fixed and carry on driving.

    Isn't that how it always works?
  15. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Yep. Find a chop shop with a laser jig. Its amazing what they can do. If you're in the NE, PM me, I know a miracle worker.

    That said, and while one hates to agree with the Resident Evil MDN, losing it on a wet road whilst neither pissed, stoned or on the gravy strokes of a blow job is slightly girly.