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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by stabradop, Oct 21, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    Am a having a bit of a spaz problem with my comp. I am running XP Pro and did a system restore earlier which went a bit pear shaped.

    The upshot is that I cannot search for files or folders in My Computer and also can't do another system restore.

    Also I deleted Avast and replaced it with AVG, but some of the avast files are still there so I can't now install AVG, although windows security centre still reckons I have antivirus.

    Any ideas folks?
  2. Yep format and start again :)
  3. Take back to shop... say following "I broke it" await response. Out!
  4. Has the explorer process stopped? It isn't an uncommon problem in sick XP systems. You can check and then run it from the Ctrl-Alt-Del task manager.

    Did you delete Avast or uninstall it, reboot and then delete? If the former, try re-installing it then uninstall etc.
  5. To try and repair the XP installation:
    1. Reboot the PC and keep tapping F8, when you get an options screen select "Safe mode"
    2. After windows safe mode loads up try system restore again.

    To sort out the antivirus thing:
    1. Go to control panel>add/remove programs and run the uninstaller for avast and avg (if present). Reboot.
    2. Go to c:\Program files and delete any folders left from avast and avg.
    3. Install CCleaner, use it's Registry option and "scan for issues" then "fix all issues", repeat until it finds no more problems.
    4. Install AVG again.
  6. Thanks to everyone for the replies

    I did the Safe mode thing and it still wouldn't let me do a system restore.

    I did the CCleaner thing and that got rid of a load of carp although I couldn't install AVG. However I did download Avira which seems to be running fine so at least I have antivirus. The restore thing will have to sort itself out for the time being, I have only done one on this comp before so its not that urgent.

    The only remaining problem is the search thing in my computer, all I get is some stupid yellow dog at the bottom of the tab but nowhere to type in things to search for.
  7. Is there a speech bubble with options above the dog? From what you've said it doesn't sound like it but if there is there's a "change preferences" link which should have an option to remove the assistant.

    Assuming there isn't a speech bubble try double clicking on the dog to get an options screen.
  8. have you got a genuine xp install or is it one of these dodgy ones?

    i had a dodgy disc of xp started getting problems like this and rang microsoft, they said its because i had a dodgy install, told them i bought the pc from pc world and i was in the armed forces and my wife needed the pc to email me in afghan, they sent out a genuine win xp pro disc to me with the proper licsense - this may be worth a try.