Help with wooden flooring

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by jest265, Dec 12, 2005.

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  1. I have managed to damage the wooden flooring in my rented apartment with my high heels (yes I know a stupid split arrse thing to do), does anybody have any tips as to how I could fix it. I really don't fancy sanding it all down as I will probably just make even more of a mess of it.

    I have searched the net for tips but all I seem to find are sites saying don't wear high heels on wooden flooring, which is a bit late now. Anybody got any tips? I really don't fancy losing my bond over this.
  2. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Seem to recall that if you wet a teatowel and iron it over the dent that the steam may bring back the wood a little
  3. Steam is the way ahead! It will expand the woodgrain and should at least partially repair the 'accident zone'

    Failing that go to your local DIY store and purchase some wood filler of the same shade and use it to fill the damaged area. Allow to dry then sand to smooth finish and varnish with two coats of similar varnish. Bobs your uncle, jobs a good un!

    If you cant do it yourself, get a man to do it and if you cant afford to pay for it, you know what they say:

    Dont have the cash, pay with your ass :D
  4. Only use your high heels on my back hence no damage to the floor lol, other than that nope there is no easy way to repair it unless it its proper old floorboards, but it does sound like your cheapskate landlord has fitted some of the shittest laminate ever. Due to the damage prob being in heavily trafficked areas such as doorways etc, its not easy to replace. pm me for anymore questions, I do fit flooring as part of my job ok.
  5. How much damage? photos may help with a solution.

    Saw dust and woodglue to fill in "Dents" works ok, with a bit of varnish over the top.
  6. Sorry I don't have a digicam to take pics, been told I am far too much of a cluts to own one.

    I think it is old wooden flooring, it definately isn't laminate flooring. Looks pretty expensive aswell.

    I would ask a man to help except I'm in Denmark and most of the men here are more of a girl that I am. (They are still hot though before anyone gets offended)
  7. just read the "steam" tricks, be careful as the floorboard will have a crappy finish on if they were only chep ones, and as a landlord is there to make money i suspect this the case and as such it will bubble the laminate if you are not very careful. The woodfiller route will not work either, it works if its your own place but if you have rented before you know what arrseholes landlords are when it comes to handovers. How much was your bond?
  8. Is it just the usual danish lye-treated pine floorboards?
  9. Sounds like a typical softwood such as pine. Steaming is the best option, filling will look worse than doing nothing. Sanding to remove the dings is not a good idea unless you plan to sand the whole floor.
  10. Oh, I don't know, I will ask my landlady when she gets in.

    She isn't going to rip me off though, she is really nice and has been really nice about the whole thing. OK a warning that it could happen would have been nice but I don't think she realised.
  11. buy a nice rug. Or don't wear stilettos round the house.
  12. Equal Ops now sweetheart. Shouldn't you be able to fix this yourself?
  13. hence why I am asking for tips on how to fix it stabwa*nker! I only made the comment about men because somebody else suggested it.
  14. If they are traditional floorboards and have been left bare, ie no carpets they must be in relatively good order, ife as above the lye treated ones replacing will be easy and as cheap as anything else, certainly less than the whole bond whatever that may be, and yes even girls can do it lol
  15. RTFQ


    Find some poor italian american who's getting bullied, promise to teach him karate, then get him to rub your floor down for free. Take him to the local karate tournament, watch him get the crap beaten from him and then blame him for not listening properly. Job jobbed.