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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by kernowpuss, Dec 22, 2007.

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  1. I'm having problems with my wireless connection and as I'm not great with technical things I have no idea why or how to solve it. My laptop has been picking up my wireless connection fine for ages, but all of a sudden it won't detect it. It picks up everybody elses in the street but not mine. If I plug it into the router I get internet access, it just won't pick it up when unplugged.
    As I said I'm not great with PC's but I have tried doing a system restore and I have tried turning off the router to reset it, but still nothing.
    I have no idea of what to try next.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Which operating system are you using?

  3. Hopefully I'm getting it right by what operating system :oops: ....Vista.
  4. First thing to see is whether the problem is with your computer or your wireless router. Do you have a mate locally who has a wireless enabled box? See if they can see your connection.

    If they can - then you have a computer problem, if not, 'tis probably the router.

    If the computer (I am assuming some form of Windows) remove and reinstall the driver for the wireless card. Try to get the newest version from the manufacturer's web site.

    If the router, try updating the firmware (there should be a web admin application available on the router's internal IP address.) Then check to see if the wireless is turned on. If you still cannot see it or connect, temporarily remove any MAC address filtering and encryption and try again.

    If that doesn't help, post some more details (OS, as msr asked for, wireless card and router manufacturer and precise type.)
  5. msr

    msr LE

    heck your PMs
  6. If your laptop's a Compaq or HP, it has been a problem with quite a lot of users. I'll give you a link to the HP forum thread in a sec.

    Found it: HP Forum Link
  7. Check that wireless is enabled on laptop as its easy to be turned off by accident
  8. I never had problems with my pc but sometimes the laptop drops the wireless connection and tries to dial the old ISP connection no. I usually go onto TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIOBS,CONNECTION and take the first option never dial a number followed by APPLY and OK

    Have you tried the repair wireless connection option.

    If all else fails do the switch off at laptop/PC and router wait switch on router, get your lights etc and switch on your pc.

    One of these options always works for me with BT Total Broadband/Yahoo - they also have a pretty good helpdesk where there is not much need for pigeon urdu or punjabi.
  9. Sounds like the router is fooked tbh, especially if you can see other routers but not your own.

    Best thing to do would be to change the default channel that the router broadcasts teh wireless signal on and if that doesn't work then change the type of encryption. Change it to WEP, WEP is crap but usually works better with most computers than the others.

    To access the router through a web interface you will need the IP and you will need to be plugged in with an ethernet cable. To find the ip once cabled in do this...

    Start > Run > Type 'cmd' > Type 'ipconfig/all' > Find the address of the default gateway (usually, or type the given address into a web browser and away you go.

    Default passwords are normally user: admin pass: admin - but depends on the router. Sky routers are user: admin pass: sky BT routers are admin admin
  10. Hello,

    anyone who has a BT Home Hub may have been affected by the recent software update.
    If the internet was being used at the time the update failed.
    In my case that meant a dead home hub just as I was in the middle of filling my Christmas orders.
    No lights on,no response at all.
    It was fixed after a long chat with BT's technical people to complete the software upgrade.

    Another problem I have seen a few times with laptops is people accidentally switching off the wireless with the switch on the side of the comuter.

    The symptoms kernowpuss lists may rule out both of these issues but I thought others may find this helpful.

  11. For anything to do with broadband and wireless please bin any kit you may receive from BT and buy your own. Failing which: Log in via your next door neighbour :)
  12. There's been some crap advice given so far on this thread. If you're near to surrey I can pop round and have a look at it if you like?

  13. Thanks for all your suggestions. A new router and a very patient Arsser and its all sorted :D
  14. Hmmmm, in that case when he plugged directly to the router he wouldn't get a connection.