help with welsh guards welfare box's

Afternoon gents

I'm in charge of a detachment of welsh guards cadets and the youngsters have been making up welfare box's from their pocket money and earning a few bob volunteering to pay for them to send to welsh guardsmen in afganistan

Problem is i have no idea where to send the box's as we are based in England and don't get to see the rrt and do not know of any individual welsh guardsmens particulars to send the bulk load onto.

I have tried to contact rhq welsh guards and the welsh guards association but as of nearly 10 days now have not had a reply.

Can any one help?? or suggest details of another regiment etc... the welsh guards are due home soon and we dont want the box's to go to waste

I would try the Regt Association again though. Seems odd they wouldn't reply or provide suitable info.
I can get you details for their Association. They will get back to you. If still interested, pm me.

The Bn is based in Aldershot, where are you?

In the mean time, are these the contacts you have tried at RHQ?

Project Officer (Welsh Guards Afghanistan Appeal),
RHQ Welsh Guards
Wellington Barracks
Birdcage Walk

020 74143291
Thanks for the help gents , Appreciate it.

Have finally made contact and boxes are now in the post

Glad you squared it. Well done to your lads.
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