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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by RPGTabs, Sep 12, 2006.

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  1. I've just been issued my fist lot of kit - most of which looks like it was designed to fit Mr Blobby! I need some help with getting ready for my first time at the unit tommorrow night:

    I am a Padre posted to a RAMC unit. I have been given what I was told was a brigade insignia (medical Corps badge) and sew on union jack. Which sleeve do i put them on, and do I put them on both shirt and jacket?

    I'm sitting here with a wet beret on my head and a needle and thread waiting for your answers!
  2. Put the union jack on your left arm, insignia on right.
  3. In fact, feck it, your the Padre - no one can drill you! If the razzer asks where your name tag is, tell him to poke it.
  4. Thanks - I'll just start unpicking the bit I'd started! I thought I heard a sergent say the brigade badge wne tunder the union flag. Bugger
  5. msr

    msr LE


    Take your uniform along to the next drill night and ask for a word with the Sergeant Major.

    Take some chalk or similar to mark the exact locations if he cannot provide you with a page of regulations.

  6. and dont forget - don't shape your beret or salute properly - the lads expect the Padre to be slightly excentric!
  7. Swear plenty as well. The lads expect the Padre to be earthy.
  8. Don't all Padres get issued Daughters???
  9. The RC ones have to - the rest can make their own.
  10. Your the Padre if the SSM has a problem tell him to get onto your Boss! Am sure the Big Guy will set him straight
  11. the army only has two sizes, too big & too small!
  12. well, I think I got all of this year's 'too big.' If there are any fat b*****ds out there who need to swap... Is that earthy enough?
  13. There is hope for you yet
  14. Not a bad first effort. My experience of padres was soured when mine took my 2ic's "Help yourself to hobnobs" a bit too literally whilst on ex.

    I came on shift to an ashen faced L/Cpl X who had managed to safe me one!!

    Grrr, made sure my det wasn't too welcoming for the pardre after that.
  15. Thats a bit of a gay story Yos.