Help with trying to join as an old git...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by gloucesterboy, Oct 24, 2009.

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  1. I have passed selection for raf regt reserve but I have been told training has been suspended until new year I have tried at other squadrons but got the same answer.

    The only reason I went for this approach I am in my late forties I have tried local TA unit in my area bu they are not takin recruits due to current financial problems.

    A friend put me onto UK special forces reserve in a support role as they are taking on recruits.

    I have tried to contact by e-mail and phone with little success.
  2. Thank you for bringing us up to date.
  3. You've posted previously on this and you were advised on what you could do..There are plenty of units still taking on recruits. Although I suspect you're full of s**t...
  4. Either wah or tw at.
    If you've passed selection for (RAuxAF) RAF Reg't then you'll begin training as soon as the next course starts. Not affected by MTD cuts whatsoever. Leads me to believe that some walty guin who aspires to be a clerk/stacker/chef who has been told to go home and wait for the call.

    On another point, if you've contacted SF Reserves, look into the shadows under the bushes in your garden. You may see the glint of a steely eye in there.

    Hope this helps.
  5. RAuxAF intelligence Squadrons have not been affected by the cuts, whereas RAuxAF Regiment Squadrons have been told they can't recruit any more members for the remainder of this training year.

    So have a look at this, lots of vacancies...
  6. Hi

    Thanks for the knowledge and wisdom I am clearly in your debt for these crumbs of comfort to serious question.

    What a bunch of wnakers....................
  7. You asked no question in your OP, mate. You just bought us up to date - thanks for that.
  8. No- bunch of YOUNG *******!