help with trade pay

i am about to finish my trade course and should get trade pay at the end of it, but my IBD is about a week after the end of the course, is there anyway to get both? (my trade pay and yearly rise)


If you have just finished you class 3 then you will only get your IBD, but if this is your class 2 then you will get both, as you IBD is the date of your anniversary of your promotion, you are entitled to 2 IBD, once when you have passed you class 2 and then your class 1. Hope that makes sense.
the IBD is a year since i passed my class 3 cbt engr course, my trade course is class 2 (seperate from cbt engr). if my trade course finished after this date then i would get both (the IBD would then be reset to the date i was awarded trade pay). and as i understand it if i get my trade pay first then the IBD will be set to a year from now, not a week. or am i completely misunderstanding the situation?
You should do. I hit Pay 2000 perfectly. I had the normal pay rise on 1 April, I had my increament at the end of April for my seniority date and I finished by B1 on the 25th of May. I went up £10 a day in the space of two months; it was great.
Your IBD will not change again unless you are getting promoted. You will go up a level on the anniversary of your IBD. and then receiveve 1 Accelerated Incremental Progression (AIP) for your first class 2 trade and again on receving your firstclass 1 trade.

If they are both on the same date you will still receive both increments.

Hope this helps.

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