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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Desborough, Jan 6, 2008.

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  1. [align=center]Hello everyone

    I'm heading into my army carrers office tommorow. But a lil information bout me and a few questions before i go

    My names andrew and im 16- almost 17 Im thinking of joining the RLC as a driver or air dispatcher. I didnt do to well in my GCSE's mainly d's & e's

    Can i havea bit information on what the jobs like...
    What phase 1 is actually like
    What happens when i complete my training after phase 2
    How often you return home during the training period.
    And bullying etc
    Shall i take anythign to the army careers office?

    Thank you so much its really appreciated 8)

  2. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    One thing at a time mate. Go down to the ACIO and have a chat first. Many hurdles to cross yet.
  3. You dont need to take anything for an informal chat, just make sure you dont look like a sack of s***!

    Theres a search function on this site too, theres thousands of threads that will answer all your questions. You could get a better trade than driver with a couple of D's too.

    Good luck.
  4. Ahh right okay,

    Can ask what you mean by many hurdles eg. what i have to do
  5. Fill in forms including a medical form, Complete BARB test to see what trades you're suitible for. If your medical form has no problems you will attend the Army Selection and Development Centre, pass that and wait for Phase 1 dates. In a nutshell.
  6. As said you will be given all the information by the recruiters down at the careers office but a few pointers.

    You dont need any MAQs for driver and need over 42 on the BARB test, 44 Driver Rad op, cant remember for air despatcher but believe it was 44 aswell. Its a long application process but have a look on the training wing forumn lots of threads on the process and ADSC. Eligability questions will brought up by recruiter on Reception interview/chat when you first go in.

    Regarding the training unless its changed recently/or near future it will be 14 weeks basic training at Pirbright....things like footdrill, weapon drill, first aid, map reading, physical fitness etc. Once passed to Aldershot for induction into RLC (history etc) for a week or so then up to Leconsfield to learn out how to break trucks for VM's like me to fix.

    As said lots of info on the training wing and listen to advice from your friendly recruiting Sgt.
  7. As well as a bloody good sence of humour and may that never fail!

    There is more to life than the RLC and I'm not knocking the RLC, however, if you feel disposed in that direction, as my good friend "The Iron" says listern and be well guided by the FRIENDLY ACIO staff.

    Lots of hoops and it does still depend on what the Army are looking for right now and what you can bring to the Army.

    Good luck
  8. thanks very much ill let you all know how it goes.
  9. Top tip - have a good look at Army recruiting website before you go. That way, you will have some ideas and be a little bit immune to the direction the recruiting staff will try and push you.

    Despite claims, the recruiting staff know where there are shortages and if a recruit has doubts of where they want to go the staff will try and push them towards their own capbadge or trades with shortages.
  10. Ever thought the reason is also because the Recruiters know where the availability of the CEG's are through TAFMIS and able to give relevant eligability information. As said on previous posts in the Training wing there are a lot of people say 'I wanted to join as a Technician but all they offered was infantry, driver etc' when looking deeper into it that is all they were able to do with their qualifications. A young Rad Op I enlisted a few years ago was spouting off at his badge a few months ago how I had pushed him towards RLC but he wanted to be an air Tech or some other technical job and he had the grades and wanted to transfer. Unfortunately for him I knew that his grades were completely sh*te and his test results were only just able to get him RLC trades. For some reason he backed down his rant about him being better than his peers and climbed back in his box. Just remember things are noticed from the Senior Recruiters, ACO's and PSO's about what trades individual recruiters are putting through so if I ony put REME VM's through when I was recruiting I would be in the bosses in tray. I never had stats to aim for but if your good at your job you look at your system and find out what jobs are available in the next three months and advise the applicant, sometimes they will wait five or six months to do the job they really want to do once passed ADSC, others want to be in ASP.