help with strippers

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by adonwar, Jan 30, 2005.

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  1. right some people might not believe this but its true so here we go:-
    i met this brazillian girl the other day and we got on like a house on fire, we decided to go out for a drink on sunday night, well tonight i went to a strip bar in E1 and walked in and this lady ran up to me saying how arkward she felt, low and behold this was the same girl that i was going out for a drink with, she was looking georgous and my god the baps....
    she asked if we were still going out tomorrow and of course i said yes but here is where my problem lies, how should i play this????
    of course i dont want to f*ck this up so any serious advice on how to treat / chat up a stripper greatfully recieved.
  2. just treat her as you normally would. dont avoid looking at her baps either, your a man, she will expect you to!

    dont think that because she is a stripper she will be an easy lay. if I had the body I'd do it, great money, but then again Id shag anything, so you had best ignore my post. ho de hum, where did I put my stella?
  3. she liked you before you knew she was a stripper so just try and sh*g her like you normally would. Postex report required by the way.
  4. Make comments on how intellectual she is. She probably gets loads of comments on how beautifal she is every night at work so go for a different angel of flatery.
  5. Then sh*g her. :wink:
  6. She is from Brazil, she only wants a work permit, what the fuck you want with her! If she is that good looking, what the fuck do you think she wants with some dumbfuck who does'nt know what to do with a stripper!
  7. Don't leave money on the table after. :D
  8. For an unbiased report i think you should have posted this in the dear shortfuse thread. :wink:
  9. Ask her for a private show and then shaag her :twisted:

    Serious, treat her normal....been out with once and the appreciate normality
  10. Tell her that you'd like to advance her career and get her down yer NAAFI for the lads!

    Then you can all fcuk her!

    She'll respect you in the long run!
  11. Beware the Crying Game...

    :cry: [/b]
  12. Brazilians are quite tasty - you jacksy git :D

  13. went out tonight, all things going ok. meeting again will keep you posted.
    i will try and take a picture on my camera phone and post it if i can.
  14. Think I know the pub; name escapes me (not a good idea to post it here). Oposite Nat West? just along from the big wine shop.

    Been in there a few times after work. They do have some atractive women dancing, the one I fancied most was from Argentina.

    Enjoy, as most have said treat her normally,nice and above be polite.

  15. "normally" v "nice & polite"... Aren't the 2 mutually exclusive?! "Normally" surely means "Alright luv? Fancy a fcuk?" :wink: