Help with song from the 70s

I dont know if this is posted in the right place but in the late 70's whilst in the army there was a record we had about the soldier who dives on a bomb in a station waiting room. I have found mention of it (well the lyrics) some where on this site but I am looking for details. Whos sung it , is it available any where or dose someone have a copy I can copy , If you get my drift.....
Heres hoping
Steve...(6 field force airbourne Ord Coy 1978 - 1982)
It's in here somewhere, you may have to look a round though. Find it, google it and you will get all you need.
Thank you very much people.
Youve made an old squaddy (not me my best mate) very happy :D
Cant thank you enough :wink:
it was written by a chap named Harvey Andrews
From an album called "writer of songs" it should be available from amazon and the rest

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