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All, like a numpty I thought I could save money and hassle by changing ISP. All has gone fabulously well. Except I can't send any outgoing mail!

I have two accounts, one for my personal use, and one, which should be self-explanatory.

Until now, I've put the details of the mail server (easily for the personal one and 'hols' for the 'hols' one into the POP3 server box, and the name of my ISP's smtp server in the SMTP box. So, I thought it would be just a case of changing from the pipex one to the post office one.

However, I get error messages along the lines that 'Outlook cannot connect to your outgoing email server' or 'cannot find the email server, Client host rejected, access denied'.

Speaking to the techies at the Post Office I've had two responses. Helper 1 said 'no ISP will relay email for a mail that's not their own', and was taken aback to hear that I'd been using my easily account for about fifteen years. He then said the Post Office doesn't support third party suppliers.

Helper 2 (today, when I'd calmed down) says that it's a problem with the email providers. Which I think is odd, given that they are not the link in the chain that's changed!

Anyhoo, I now have an email from a person on that really needs an urgent answer, and I'm fed up with using Faceache as a way of contacting people rather than email.

Can any of you clever types shed any light, please?
I have my own SMTP had numerous problems like this before, is there any chance of you actually posting a screen dump of this error for me to have a look at?

I have actually setup numerous live servers before and know usually how to connect up services for people like in this situation, I'd be more than happy to help you.

PS (not to sound at all patronising here), once you do this type of stuff over and over its not really clever per se (might be putting my own ability down here), it is kinda logical just working out what to do about certain errors, all I say is you want to try setting up a service like SMTP to actually send mail across the Internet, then you will know what's complicated lol. but then I am just interested in all kinds of things that most people aren't
GRB, you could either try to set the SMTP port to 2525 instead of 25, or tick the box that says "authorisation required" (for connecting with the outgoing mail server). You can then tick the box that says to use the same account details as it uses for the POP box. It worked for me a few weeks ago when I had the same problem.
There is a real mixture of stuff in this email but the bottom line is that some (but not all) ISPs do block access to other SMTP servers. A quick search online reveals that BT is one of them.

In my opinion the best solution to your problem is to make the leap away from Outlook and onto a web based client. Gmail is my tool of choice and I cannot rate it highly enough. You can either bring all your emails into a single one or have separate ones for each account.

Its a bit of a leap but having changed the habits of a lifetime I'm absolutely converted.
No network access .... in this day and age. Inconceivable!

Personally I don't find this a problem but if you need offline Gmail access then there is a chrome extension that allows this.
I use windows live mail and can check my other email accounts on it including one from BT which I've had for years.

As for web based GMX is not bad
Open a shell and try telnetting to the mail server. This will establish whether you can reach the mail server, or the mail server is not liking your credentials.

eg telnet 25

If that doesn't work, either your ISP is blocking port 25 (SMTP) or the mail server isn't listening. It may be that the mail server requires an encrypted port, e.g. 995 or 465. Try those.

I have my own mail server at home, and had to have my ISP open port 25, because they were blocking it by default.

Most likely it will be your ISP, but if the mail server permits a different port, then that's the way to go.
That sounds exactly like what I had setup in all honesty gave up with it and setup a free account with JangoMail and used my IP address on their settings and went for IP based authentication.

I would say try a few of the posts on here because they have obviously stuck with their connections, I pretty much gave up as I had all my emails as local storage, use my SMTP and POP3 both with my Roundcube IMAP (all using Dovecot as the server) client for my emails from those domains I have setup.

Best of luck with it.
Can any of you clever types shed any light, please?
Your mail server is:
Hosted by: Reseller Hosting, Web Hosting, VPS & Dedicated Servers | Heart Internet

Try your login details on that server. If you get an error, post it - in full - back here.
Failing that, phone Heart Internet and explain the situation.

That sounds exactly like what I had setup in all honesty gave up with it
Mate, you've made two posts to this thread. Both equally worthless. Time to stop posting. eh?
Thanks to everyone for their help. I'll try a few of these things, but probably not this evening as I've a lot of other stuff to do.

I'll keep you posted!

BCO if I moved to your solution, would I be able to pick up those mails on other machines? When I'm away from home it would be handy!

(Please bear in mind that I am a COBOL Programmer by trade and training, not a networking guru when answering! I think I used telnet once. About twenty years ago!)
Thanks, folks. I now have my personal account working fully. using advanced features I didn't know existed. There's an irony to my mail provider being called 'easily!).

Will try the hols one later.


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Take it down to the shed, it will work fine there :D

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BCO if I moved to your solution, would I be able to pick up those mails on other machines? When I'm away from home it would be handy!
Yes you would, as long as you "leave downloaded messages on server" if you still want to use a local email client.

I use a different method. All my emails go to 1and1 and are stored there and also forwarded to a gmail account to a) provide a backup and b) allow me to access email from anywhere.

I download from 1and1 to my desktop and leave nothing on 1and1

When sending from gmail, I send through 1and1's mail server not gmail's and bcc myself to keep desktop synced. By sending using 1and1 my emails don't have "Sent on behalf of" or similar in headers.


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