Help with selection weekend procedures.

Hello everyone, just had a face to face chat (for the first time) with the ACTUAL RECRUITING OFFICER at the TA centre which I intend to join. Whilst explaining the selection weekend to me, he mentioned NOTHING about chin-ups. I thought maybe he missed it out as it's just part of the physical exercise requirements, so to be sure, I asked him if there were any chin ups involved. To my surprise, he said nope, doing chin ups is NOT required but the power bag lift (he also kindly explained that it was so as soldiers we could load and unload ammo boxes off a lorry).

Now I have two questions.

1. What are the selection weekend tasks for 289 Romford Para (part of Luton).

2. Have any of you done this fairly recently (say 6 months) and if yes, what did your actual selection weekend involve?

I was also very surprised that he allowed a 1.5mile time of 10:30 instead of the 9:30 which someone else (NOT a recruiting officer) from the same centre told me no more than 2-3 months ago. Obviously the lower I can get it, the better it is for me, but it would be good to know the actual procedures rather than prepare for things which are not going to come up.

Thank you in advance.
You do command tasks, 1.5 miler, power bag lift, something like a grenade test, a kims test, icebreaker your marked on everything you do and how you do it. You don't have to run your final badge time, it's a risk reduction run. The final badge time comes later.
Thanks for the reply Glyn. Do you also do the 44 press ups and 60 sit ups test in this initial selection test?
They have been replaced with the Power bag lift.

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