Help with Royal Signals Badges?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by sooms, Apr 8, 2012.

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  1. Gents,

    Three badges have come into my possession that I believe are Royal Signals, that I would like to identify if possible. Unfortunately I can't post pictures at the moment so can only describe them:

    All three have crossed signal flags- Blue on left, white/blue on right.

    One has one pip/star between the cross of the two flags at the top, second has two pips/stars, one above, one below the crossed flags. The third has a Queens Crown above the crossed flags.

    All three are I guess from Mess Dress as they are made of gold wire ,on dark green cloth backgrounds and about two inches high top to bottom (not including the background patch).

    I'd be grateful for any info on them, i.e what they signify, age, are they still current? etc...

    I've tried looking on google images, military tailors sites etc.. but have found nothing other than the normal crossed flags.

    Many thanks..
  2. Royal Signals don't wear anyform of crossed flags insignia on their uniform.

    It sounds Naval to be honest.
  3. Try WW2 Royal Navy:
    Ranks, Badges and Pay in the Royal Navy in World War 2

    The Royal Corps of Signals doesn't need crossed flags to show its trade. That badge is used by other arms eg Inf, RAC etc. to denote they are signals qualified.
  4. Those are Royal Navy branch badges for the old (i think its bunting as communications wore the wings of Mercury the messenger) ratings
    1 star is Able Seaman 1st class qualified
    2 star is Leading Seaman qualified
    1 crown is Petty Officer and above

    Blue stitching on white is for tropical number 1's and working uniforms, Gold stitching on blue/black is for the temperate number 1's uniform.

    These are the old Number 2 uniform badges (no longer in use as we don't have a number 2 uniform)

    I take it your describing the 2nd from the left 2nd row down?
  5. Although the flag description is funny.

    Blue and white on blue?
  6. I didn't read it that way:
    My guess would be, bearing in mind green background; either a Rifles/RGJ/LI type of qual pre 1980's or RM qual like the Navy ones I posted above.
  7. RM only wear trade badges on their "Blues" and again the background of the badge would be blue to match. The only badges worn on lovet uniform are rank and if earned then wings also.

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  8. I said it the wrong way round, blue on white... but RN signaller badges (as shown) show BOTH flags as white with a blue stripe... Army (and apparently RM) badges have the all blue one. But hte pips and crown indicate RN rates.
  9. Nowadays, yes. Back in the day:
    British Armed Forces & National Service
  10. Thanks for all of that, I'll defo try the badge forum and see what they know.

    If anyones interested, the flags are the same design as the second of the pics so I'm now thinking they are RN/RM badges. Seeing as they are on a dark green background I guess they are probably RM- If I find out I'll let you know.

    Thanks for your help!
  11. Sounds like Regimental Signallers badges.

  12. Never seen Regtl Signallers badge with stars/pips and crowns:
    -hence the trawling for Navy then RM qual badges pre 70's/80's.
  13. I've had a reply from the Badge Forum now:

    They are RM Signals Badges 3rd/2nd/1st Class for wear on Lovat Dress. I believe they are no longer current though.

    Guess that's solved then -Many thanks for all your help,