Help with revenge on an Austrian

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by grimbo, Dec 22, 2010.

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  1. The situation is this -
    Just had a phone call from mrs grimbo from an Austrian hospital ... it seems while in Austria on business the Mrs and her work mates have been the victim of an attempted invasion of British property by an Austrian.
    It seems that their vehicle was heavily rear-ended by an Austrian twat driving a BMW X5 , the good news is they should all be able to fly home tomorow but the mrs and a couple of others have bad whiplash.
    Now normaly we would just persue the fecker through the courts but in this case no amount of cash is going to make up for the Mrs spending xmas in a neck brace in lots of pain seeing as last year was a non event due to her being in agony due to a bad hip that was replaced in march.
    She has been looking fowards to a christmas with both our daughters for months..... well aware that in light of recent events in AFG this is a minor thing.....
    Seeing as I cant just nip round with a baseball bat with a couple of rusty nails sticking out I turn to the good chaps of Arrse to come up with some sugestions on how the pain can be returned to the twat.
    I will in due course have his full details if this helps
  2. will be in austria in april or may, only to happy to help, are the police not prosecuting??
  3. 1.Pursue him through the courts.
    2.Get a hefty wedge in compensation.
    3.Give me 50%(negotiable).
    4.I'll nip round with a bseball bat with a couple of rusty nails and exact revenge.
    5.Job done,say no more.
    6.P.M if acceptable.
  4. We will go the court route , early days but yes I reckon the police will prosecute , he didn't slow down just drove straight into them , the impact was enough to deploy all the air-bags in both vehicles .... what pee's me off is he has stolen my Mrs Christmas ... no way she will be out on her new MTB over the hols , she has so many things planned ...... it could have been a lot worse so have to be thankful for that.
    I get the feeling that money won't realy cause this fecker pain ( it will be insurance anyway ) .. will be in Austria myself next year so the rusty bacteria infected nails may come into play then ... thanks for the offers so far...
  5. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Put any comp into a superb holiday fund fo rnext year, then send him a postcard telling him that he had paid for it...
  6. Send him a chrimbo card with a Nazi party arm band and address it to Adolf Hitler
  7. You shouldn't blame the Austrian blame the fact he's a BMW driver...there is you're problem. Cnut's in every country.
  8. Fair play to you mate, you must have an arrse like a sewing machine
  9. It's probably not the first time she's been rear-ended by an Austrian on a "business trip" and left with a peculiar gait. Perhaps the neck brace is just there to allay suspicion on your behalf.
  10. Her recovery from a hip replacement has been amazing , she has always been fit ( playing net ball for British Caladonean Airways probably knackerd the hip in the first place ) running etc , but now cycles 50 - 60 K off road with no problem just 8 months after the opp ... she was on the way to ski when the ram raid took place .... to know she is back in pain again is what realy gets me ... I would happily slot the Austrian fecker .
  11. ;-) I can assure you it would be the Austrian that would have the funny gait .
  12. Hide his daughter in your cellar...the Fritzl gambit as we call it!
  13. posion his wife and daughters and fuck his dog

    wait have i got that the right way round
  14. Your wife sounds like a wreck. The old dear probably mashed on the brakes when she passed something of interest and this poor bloke now has to pick up the tab for your missus mauling the front end of his X5. If I were you I'd send him a cheque for damage and then buy your wife one of those TV trays that old people have so she wont be tempted to go out and endanger other drivers.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    This is the path to so much Yuletide upset... it's just another day.