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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by TTDrum, Feb 28, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys;

    I'm ex-1 Para; served 24 years and wondered if any of you could help with research I'm doing as part on an MBA. Any comments offered will be used between me and my tutor and will not be for pubic viewing. I'm obviously not looking for ground breaking stuff just opinions on your experiences.

    I’m doing research on Strategic Human resource Management in the Army and wondered if any of you had any constructive views comments on any of the following issues:

    • The Joint personnel Administration software system (JPA) – the new online HR system for claims etc., - any views on how the system has been received; does it work well; does it save time – do you have time to keep it up to date?
    • Personal development records (PDR) – their worth?
    • Appraisals; Confidential reports & OJARs – are biases encountered; is the system fair? Are reports done on time?
    • Educational allowances – do you use them, do you have time? What alternatives would be better?
    • Career development – do you believe you are gaining qualifications transferable to civilian life? Is career development fair or does favouritism see the same individuals pushed forward?
    • Retention incentives – are the Army doing enough to retain troops? What current initiatives are in place; of those which tempt you to stay in service?
    • Recruitment and selection – are recruits coming through the door? Do they understand what the job entails, are the right people coming through?

    I would appreciate any feedback on these issues; though really want to concentrate on current practices. Any reflections on whether these incentives would have been welcomed by ex-soldiers would also be welcome.

    If you have any constructive comments Please e-mail me at

    Many thanks
  2. Alternatively post your thoughts here - cheers
  3. Paul, as much as most of us have opinions on your questions, the serving members are not allowed to tell you because the big boys will shout at us.

    If, however, you want to meet up and ply me full of wine please PM me. I'm full of answers.
  4. TTD

    Check your PMs.
  5. You're full of something :p
  6. I would say in the Army, initial reciept was bad, mostly due to an intense lack of training on JPA's functionality. As people are using it more and more, it is starting to grow on people.

    They're worth it for people with bad personal admin is good. For people that have good personal admin and keep records anyway, I would say they are an embuggerance.

    The system works IMO and FYI, I much prefer the new SJARs to the old 2047/48's. If people believe they have been served an injustice there are mthoeds in place for them to appeal. The fact they they do not, is not an issue with the system, more with the soldier.

    Again, the new system on JPA FAR exceeds that of days gone by with manual paperwork. Claims are completed and paid in a timely, hassel free manner. It is MUCH better for soldeir X.

    As far as the AGC(SPS) goes, the quals we get are worth donkey poop in civvy street. But the actual civvy qual for our job costs a fuck tonne and I don't see the Army ever forking out for it.

    Most insentives are financial based and those have skyrocketed recently. Unfortunatly, theese insentives are aimed at keeping in the new, not retaining the old, but as far as planning for the future goes, they seem to be going in the right direction.

    Not Really

    No and No

    My 2 cents for you publicly to maybe even heat up some debate for you, which no doubt would help even more with your MBA.

  7. Hi TTDrum, Check your Pms. Good luck with your studies.
  8. Thanks jt9563; just the type of response I hoped for - this is a great help.

    I obviously have my own views on these matters; but that's their limitation, they're my views moulded by my experiences and beliefs; hence it's great to gain someone else's perspective on things.

    ukdaytona - yes that's me. After my first novel was printed I decided to pursue my education further instead of a writing career - who knows perhaps I'll return to it one day with enlighted vigour.

    Thanks to Jim and ADUX for their help: and I take it being a Snail you were slow to pick up I'd served for 24 years in 1 Para - begging for wine for info to an ex-csm a dubious ploy - speed of a striking slug!

    All the best
  9. TTDrum, check you PMs again, good luck!