Help with REME TA 1985-1989

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Peeler, Oct 2, 2012.

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  1. Hi,

    I tried putting this up on the Military History forum to no avail, so I hope no one minds if I put it in this forum. Thank you.

    Help with REME TA Units 1985-1989

    I am trying to put together an ORBAT of REME TA units in the 1985-89 timeframe. I have "Craftsmen of the Army" which has helped. Inquiries to the REME Museum and Association have not faired well since the old CVHQ REME was apparently bad at sending the museum/association information. So I am wondering if anyone here can help.

    Thank you in advance.

    This is what I have:
    24 Specialist Units (as per Peedle's Encyclopedia of the Territorial Army)
    3 Fd Wksp (reg cadre filled out by TA)
    15 Fd Wksp (reg cadre filled out by TA)
    17 Port & Maritime Wksp
    209 Fd Wksp RCZ
    201 Fd Wksp RCZ
    211 Fd Wksp RCZ
    215 Recovery Coy
    216 Port Wksp
    271 Telecomm Wksp
    204 Engineer Support Wksp
    224 Reclamation Pl
    227 Reclamation Pl

    Missing 12. Of those there should be 4 more Reclamation Pls, 1 each for each Armd Wksp.

    22 LADs
    5 for the Yeomanry Regts
    6 for the RA (V) Regts
    11 for the RS (V) Regts

    41 LADs for the Inf Bns

    10 Regt Wksps for the RE (V) Regts
    2 Bde Wksps for the 2 Eng. Bdes
    12 Regt Wksps for the RCT (V) Regts
    36 Sqn Wksps for each RCT (V) Sqn (except MC or TRC)

    Sponsored Units

    9 Fd Wksp (to UKMF LSG)

    133 (Kent) Corps Tps Wksp (reinforces 1 BR Corps)

    118 Recovery Coy (2nd line recovery support in RCZ and clearance of MSRs)

    119 (Holywell) Recovery Coy (to UKMF LSG)

    124 (Tyne Electrical Engineers) Recovery Coy (reinforces 1 Corps Tps Wksp)

    126 Reclamation Unit
  2. What about the REME TA attached to TA infantry Bn's?
  3. Ignoring the fact that they aren't REME units, why not add Medical, Artillery, Transport, Signals or in fact any type of unit that may have MT that needs looking after?
  4. I added the other Corps (RA, RAC, RS , etc) just to be complete(According to "Craftsmen of the Army"). I am looking for the 12 specialist units I seem to be missing.

    BTW, I didn't know if the TA Inf Bns had any LADs, though I was under the impression that some NATO roled units did have Bedfords & Landrovers on strength
  5. The only place I ever came across that didn't have some form of MT and LAD was Medic depot, there was a duty rover "on loan" from whatever the transport squadron at Deepcut was.

    As far I am aware, all TA inf would have had MT, how else do they get from the TAC to whichever training area they're going to this weekend?
  6. nobbyd,

    Thank you ! Edited to add the 41 LADs for the Inf.
  7. Not a problem. I should add that the TA inf (arty, med, etc) MT/LAD provision is based on my limited experience with the TA - which is to say I haven't met very many, but those that I did *all* had an element
  8. I was in 280 nato reme which changed to 3 battalion have been trying to find others who i served with but to no avail can any body help
  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Is this saying that 12 Armd Wksp (a major unit in 2 Armd Div until 31 Dec 82 - I did Nov 82 - Nov 85 - and became a minor unit supporting 12 Armd Bde that was moved to 1 Armd Div) became a TA unit in the four years between my leaving 12 Armd and leaving the army?

    Or a meringue?
  10. I was in from 88 to 92 in 280 nato wkshop as a specialist vm and if I remember my unit become part of 3 battalion I think around 91 they attached the wkshops to armored battaliens
  11. Be an easier project from 2015 onwards......
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  12. As an RE(V) unit is the late 80's and 90's we had a fairly large attached REME element. Some decent modern kit too, for the time
  13. I have a vague recollection of visiting a REME TA unit on exercise in BAOR during the period you are discussing. It might have been one of the RCZ Workshops (and almost certainly had a 2** number) but I seem to remember that it was a sponsored unit with (NATO) in the title.

    Have you tried contacting The Craftsman? I recall that John Worrall produced a comprehensive index in about 2000 which might list some TA units.
  14. You might want to contact the RAOC Association and ask what REME Workshops and LAD's they had during the period.