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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by stefan17, Nov 22, 2009.

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  1. I'm currently thinking about joining the army and was looking through the lists of regiments and was just wondering if its possible for me to join the rifles if i live in the south east of england.

    Thanks in advance for any replys :D
  2. Absolutely YES. Go for it and you will have no regrets!
  3. i know i said thanks in advance but.....THANKS! really want to join the rifles and would have been f***ing annoyed if i couldn't cuz of where i live. cheers mate
  4. If you live in England, are British, have no major medical faults and are fit enough you can join any regiment.
  5. and convictions.
  6. youll get to put down a list of 3 preferences in order, usually ur careers advisor will ask u why those regiments, and same at later stages of selection. its good to know some of the regiments history and have a better answer than "cuz they got shooty stuff." altho because infantry are now the only service actively recruiting i would say u souldnt have much trouble getting your first preference....
  7. I was on The Rifles Chosen Man course and a lad on there was told by his AFCO he could not join The Rifles because of his post code! He lives in Sheffield so he's had to go for Yorkshire Regiment instead.
  8. Was this chap any good....sounds like an excuse to bin him ;)
  9. He seemed like a decent lad, pretty fit and strong, intelligent. Bit of a mystery.
  10. The Rifles are the regt to get into. Best of everything, and here's why.

    Appart from the fact that without doubt the Riflemen are spectacular soldiers in their own right, you will also be able to apply for all arms commando with 1 Rifles. My understanding is that once you've done that, you're exempt 'P' Coy (in keeping with other commandos) and could in theory apply for your jumps course.

    I can see that within a few years, that all Rfn will be commando and wings qualed.

    This is a really exciting move forward for the regt. Just a shame it's happened at the expense of so many historic regiments.
  11. Womens Royal Auxillary Balloon Corps......everytime BAH!

  12. Hmmm and male! Not all of us can join the infantary! :D
  13. There is nothing stopping a female joining the infantry. We had several split arses in the Highlanders.

    You just dont get to do the shooty things for real. Ours where employed as searchers, admin staff, drivers.
  14. Yeah the Rifles are great.

    Named after the TV Series "Sharpe's Rifles", in which Sean Bean played the hero, they are know as "Bean's Rifles".

    They are also known as "Mr Bean's Rifles".