When I try and open the FTRS page, Microsoft Office or something similar tries to install asking for a disc.

I keep clicking cancel and it goes away. Is this just my pc gone wrong or is it the same with everyone.

Please keep answers simple as I'm a bit numb with computer stuff!

Hi BW,

sorry to take a while, but I started reading it!

Mine just asks me if I want to open the excel spreadsheet, I click yes, and it opens. Do you have Excel installed on your PC?
Yes I have excel, but it dosent ask me about that. It it tries to install Microsoft Office Premium 2000. Then goes through 3 million boxes which ends up asking for a disc.
It will be a problem your end, I use Office 07 and it's grand, so I assume it could be using a version of Exel not supported by your Office software.

Not that this post really helps, as it means you have to spend lots of cash to upgrade (don't do it until you speak to someone that actually knows what they're talking about!)
The page opens ok, Microsoft Office Premium 2000 just tries to install itself.

Never used to have a problem with this, however its done the same thing when I tried to open an email attachment.

It is now obviously a problem at my end, sorry to waste every ones time. But thanks anyway.


Will try what you suggested when I get back after the weekend.


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