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Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by JoBrand, Feb 18, 2009.

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  1. Oh is turning 30 in a month and he already has all teh usual. Bought him all the new xbox 360 games etc. Any ideas on what i can get him??
  2. An industrial mincing machine to throw you in.
  3. How much are you spendng on the special one?
  4. Get him psychiatric help, if he is still playing computer games at his age.
  5. Hehe money not a problem. Bit stuck as i dont want to buy the usual boring stuff:- aftershave, boxers etc
  6. What about tickets to see a show or comedian or something? I took my other half to see 'We Will Rock You' in London and surprisingly he enjoyed it! (Although he could have just been saying that to keep me happy) & Also took him to see Jimmy Carr.

    He was certainly pleased with the Executive Suite I'd booked at the Hilton though.

    Or you could book one of those kinky bondage cottages for the weekend? I think they're about £250 a night I saw them at Erotica, it'd be a bday he remembers!
  7. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Get him an appointment with Mme Whiplash and her best friend, who will give him an evening - and scars - to remember all his life.
  8. Kin money not a problem.........

    In that case get him something money cannot buy. The warmth of human kindness! Spend the money on buying me a new tyre for my motorbike :D
  9. Pair of Lowa boots and let him kick your backdoor in.............
  10. Take him away some where lovely that the two of you will remember. Do something that you would not normally do.

    For my 30th I hinted for somewhere romantic, picturesque, lots of water, lots of history, really hoping for Venice, he took me to the Lake District! But at least I remember it!
  11. Fab ideas peeps, gonna be a bit of a problem getting a babysitter though!!! Like the kinky Cottage idea though!!

    The Lowas were bought last year mate, so been there done that
  12. My 30th my other gf took me to London, had a boat trip spot of lunch on a boat (avoid that as the rolling of the boat does not go down well with food!) then had trip on the London eye, saw a show later on then had a meal in covent garden then stayed at a nice hotel, nice day.
  13. Back door bashing?
  14. Hhhm may have to enrol his mum to do some baby sitting for us then!!!