Help with possible walt - Probably served at some point.

Discussion in 'Waltenkommando' started by ex_donkey_man, Feb 28, 2013.

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  1. Anyone help with this case? It's mainly due to a few other issues around this guy, to find out more information about how much crap he talks.

    He says he joined the Royal Corp of Transport in 1972, he has been chatting to me and the caretaker about his "Time" and the caretaker (who served R Signals, 1979 - 1987) and some of the stuff he's come out with the caretaker said he must have served at some point to know what he does, about certain places.
    but gives his army number as 2230, (I have got the full number actually, but that would put him joining in around 1951-1955) he says he has 14 medals (some of which are bars, mostly Northern Ireland, yep right) and that you have to do 9 years for the Golden Jubilee medal. Which I know is crap. Reckons he did 30 years and "Never left" but he'd didn't finish in the RLC if you know what I mean!

    Surname sounds like Meeting!
  2. If what he says suggests he has served then he's big timing and not a walt. I fail to see why that's bothering you and why if it is a problem you didn't mention it while stood with Groundskeeper Willy?
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  3. Probably just says he was in the RCT to pull birds.

    That's allowed, isn't it?

    I wouldn't worry. It's not as if he's claiming to have been in the TA.
  4. Case? Fuck me Columbo, aren't you taking all of this a little too seriously? I mean really?
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  5. Is this pretender obese, homosexual, scruffy, monosyllabic, prone to alcoholism and possesses the personality of an Afghan farmer?

    If so, he was definately RCT & RLC.
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  6. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Meh, I know a bloke says he "Trained as a Royal Marines Officers" after graduating University, but went back home at age 23 to look after the family business. Personally I think he failed basic or whatever it is that lot do but so what. Its not like he's a significant public figure or anything, oh hang yes he is.
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  7. I've highlighted and underlined what I think of him! There's more serious issues to one side I think to this guy and trying to work out more about him. Like I said - You can't argue with him over the QGJM - he insists it's 9 years to qualify for it, same with the QDJM.
  8. Like fuck it's 9 years. It took me 28.
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  9. Lucky Fucker it took the Queen 50!!
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  10. Drivers_lag

    Drivers_lag On ROPs


    The man is a living Deity.

    Revere him, worthless one.
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  11. They post photos that have been on ARRSE wiki or Para Regt sites, I don't think they do that much research, and exposing people can have dire consequences, if wrongly accused.
  12. Workplace walts dont bother me. When they start spouting thier shite I just ignore them & never make conversation with them again.. That pisses them off more than any "outing" .
  13. Chef WALTS are the worst....look at Steven Seagal he big timed would of at least chose a job like a Stacker.
  14. We had a uniform guy on my section who claimed he was ex Det and that some dubious scars on his body were from a Thompson .45 when the PIRA ambushed him. All the ex Regs (and Kent used to have a few) knew he was bullshitting. Over the years he grew to believe his own fantasy and actually put this utter shite down on an internal job application. Thankfully, whoever reviewed it did some checks and his full Waltishness was laid bare for all to ridicule (he was a Chef)

    Amazingly, the cunt wasn't sacked! :x
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