Help with Pension form (AFPS Form 1) please....

Hi forum. Not got access to my pay office for a while and wondered if you could help....

Just a standard Joe getting out after 22 and still on the AFPS 75. What do I have to do for the following parts;

Part B: What boxes do I tick for getting the lump sum (all of it)?

Part E: What the hell is this all about? I assume I select "do not" and then "no" to the other two goobly gook questions?

Finally, can the spouse act as a witness?
Cheers forum, much appreciated :)
Hi Mate,

I had the same dilema a couple of weeks ago, I got some good help on here and the thread is currently on page 4 of this topic.

However I just rang the SPVA: 0800 085 3600 Pensions Dept: Option 1.

Very Helpfull and all was sorted within 5 minutes.

As for your witness, best not a spouse. They just told me anyone that knows you that is on the Electoral Roll.
gettinoutsoon said:
Cheers :) Much appreciated
Hope that you got sorted buddy, that form is a bit technical to the untrained. :?

The Guy that I spoke to at JPAC was fantastic, or at least he seemed to be. I suppose the proof of the pudding is when my pension and lump sum hits my bank. :D

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