Help with pay!!!

I have been badly rodgered by Glasgow and they want lots of money off me. I'm going to be seeing the RAO soon but would like a little help so i can get my head around whats been happening.

Info needed;
Daily rate of pay for Private High 4 tax year 2003
Daily rate of pay for Private High 5 tax year 2003

On the pay slip itself what do these maen,

Thanks in advance
Have you tried looking on the Army website (serving soldier) for the pay rates? As for the question as to what NT Overissue and all that means - have a look on Armynet ( in the pay forum - stacks of others have asked the questions and the answers are there to see. I have just scanned it and it came back with:

From Armynet:" NTOverissue means that you will be given the chance to repay the overissue over a few months, normally at the rate of 4 days gross pay per month. Your RAO will be getting a schedule from AFPAA and you will need to agree a repayment schedule. NTOVERISSUE stands for NON TAXABLE OVERISSUE, basically APC have made a credit to your account which is not counted towards your tax."

If the answers aren't there then ask it - the pay staff are very good are coming back with the answers.
Thanks Balkanexpress that explains the amount that they want back off me and the pay back rate.

This really is a cluster!
Been trying armynet for the pay scale for 2003 but can't find it, i can only find the current levels does anyone have any idea's where else i can look or where i can find out what the other abreviations mean?
Thanks at_ease helps to explain some of my many problems, don't you just love it when wonderfull Glasgow say you owe them over 6K even when you did question their decisions
I have read your PM and am looking into it. Don't sign anything yet. The fault is not with Glasgow. The overissue is produced automatically. There are P2k issues with Student Nurses and the process is being reviewed. I should have further news for you later today.

This is the situation, Your account will be retransissioned wef 31 mar 01. This will mean that your pay will again be recalculated wef 01 apr 01 P2k start date. Your trade has now been rebanded wef this date from lower to higher as a result you will receive the higher rate wef your change in trade wef Oct 02. This will result in you receiving a credit to offset your 6k debit, it should be on your next pay statement. When the final total is known, and it will be a lot less than the 6k you must take the following action.
1. Glasgow increased your pay to the wrong amount by putting you on the wrong level. You or the RAO should have notification of this.
2. You accepted this money in good faith.
3. The RAO must put up a case through to DSPS(A) to write off any money owed. Becuase of the personnel involved you should have a strong case.

I will PM you with further details for you to use in your case.


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