Help with operational tours/engagements - Para. Regt.

Evening ladies and gentlemen,

I would be delighted if anyone could help me complete this list? I need to complete it for a little project. I would like to get all the dates (month and year) and places of where the Para Regt have been on operations only, not exercises (Belize etc.). My aim is not Walt related just some help I'm trying to give someone.

Here's what I have so far:

1.Tragino Aqueduct, Italy, Operation Colossus, 10 February, 1941.
2. Bruneval, France, Operation Biting, 27 February, 1942.
3. North Africa, Operation Torch, 12 November, 1942.
4. Sicily, Operation Fustian, 9 July, 1943.
5. Italy, 9 September 1943.
6. Normandy, France, Operation Overlord "D-Day", 6 June 1944.
7. South of France, Operation Dragoon, 15 August, 1944.
8. Arnhem, Holland, Operation Market Garden, 17 September 1944.
9. Greece, Operation Manna, 12 October, 1944.
10. Ardennes, 3 January, 1945.
11. The Rhine Crossing, Operation Varsity, 24 March 1945.
12. Palestine, 1945-8.
13. Malaya, 1955-7.
14. Cyprus, 1956-7, 1964.
15. Suez, Egypt, Operation Musketeer, 5 November 1956.
16. The Radfan, 1964-7.
17. Borneo, 1965.
18. Aden, 1967.
19. Northern Ireland, 1969-.
20. The Falklands, Operation Corporate, 21 May 1982.

I would be great if anyone could help me with additional info and dates/places since the Falklands (inc names of Ops where applicable) to the most recent (?)Afghan... Op Telic,... Iraq etc.

Thanks very much for the time!

There was Operation Colossus in Italy.
There wa the raid at Bruneval Feb; 42
They fought all through North Africa 42/43, with the raid onBone Airfield
1943/44 they were in Sicily and all through Italy.
1944/45 they fought out in Greece and Albania
1944 Normandy and up through Holland
There was also the Merville Battery
1944 Arnhem
1944 The Battle Of the Bulge
19455 The Rhine Crossing
1945 the Baltic
1945 Indonesia/Burma
Palestine/Cyprus/Canal Zone/Suez/ Malaya/
1982 Falklands/Northern Ireland/
They were also in the Radfan in 1956 [small unit]
Serra Leone, and Yugoslavia. plus the 2 Iraq wars and Afghanistan
Kosovo 1999
Sierra Leone 2000 (inc. the hostage rescue with Hereford)
Afghanistan 2000-2001
Macedonia 2001
Iraq 2003-present
Afghanistan present
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