Help with novel written about former tankies after WWII

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However, I have a few details. The book is fiction, and tells the story of demobilised British servicemen - specifically a group of men from an armoured regiment - shortly after the Second World War. They find themselves working in a factory and recive such shoddy treatment from their boss - who sat out the war in comfort and safety - that they end up falling back on the skills they acquired during the war and end up commandeering a tank to wreak revenge. I remember this much from a number of reviews.

Beyond this all I remember is that the book was published within the last two years (or not much more than that) and had a coloured drawing of a tank on the cover.

Any help appreciated.


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Sounds to me REMARKABLY like Civvies (?) by Lynda La Plante, except that that involved the Paras, a regiment that anyone non-military would get excited about and was placed in the the then-current timeline, i.e. 1980s (1990s?).

Not a hint of plagiarism suggested.

Edited cos me create-time correction was carp.

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