Help with non atributlable invalading pension

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Pension Scheme' started by foreverxbox, Jul 2, 2007.

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  1. Ive done 4 years 9 months when it reaches my run out date. Just wondering how much I will get awarded as it only shows 5 years plus on the table that ive looked at. Any help would be very appreciated thanks
  2. 5 years plus, you are correct, under 5 years Non Atributable = Big Fat Zero :cry: .
  3. but I have a letter saying Im getting a pension invalding pension so it cant be zero
  4. My Bad, got this from the Invaliding Pension Booklet on the DII,
    • At least
    two years’ but
    less than five years’
    reckonable service – you
    will be entitled to a SIP (Service Invaliding Pension),
    12 invaliding
    payable immediately,
    assessed using preserved
    pension rates. You will also
    receive a terminal grant of
    three times the pension.

    Here is the link:

    Appoligies for Duff Info, the rates do not go back prior to 5 years service, hence the confusion.


  5. cheers mate I dont suppose you know were I can find out the monthly income of it. cheers
  6. When do you start getting it? When you leave? On that note when ARE you gonna leave :p
  7. 30th september mate
  8. I did 23 years and was Med Discharged back in March. I still haven't got my % of disability or a war pension. My medication cost me £50.00 a month and my service pension is being hit with 22% tax. The whole system is in the air and not fit for purpose. The Vets Agency requires to be involved well before a service persons discharge date.

  9. Whoah I thought it was 4 years service each time? Sorry I know eff all, all I know is that I better get in ;)
  10. You will have to wait until they assess your case and send you a letter. :?