Help with "New SA80"

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Hard-Stop, Nov 2, 2012.

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  1. Chaps, I'm currently part of a team developing a PC game based on the Source engine (Half-Life 2, etc) and I'm working on a concept for a new weapon that the player will be able to use.

    The game is set in London and there are a lot of British gimmicks within it... and this is one of them. I'm aiming for an updated SA80 as a "nod" to the British Army and this is what I've come up with so far.

    (Bear in mind this is set in the future, so technology will have advanced... hence the reason why the infrared scope isn't fackin' huge!) (Also note that this weapon is being used by coppers, not the military, so it doesn't need to be camouflaged).


    Bits I'm missing? Improvements? Suggestions?

    Many thanks - Stoppie
  2. M203 stuck underneath it might look flash
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  3. I was thinking a UGL would look good, but I could never get the scale right... I'll have a look at some pictures and see if I can add one.
  4. Bin it and use the SLR, and make sure you have an option for the mighty GPMG.

    OK, fantasy land over, yep, like the guys say, add a UGL or, better still, a shotgun barrel. If it's going to be a police jobby you need a 'non lethal' armoury as well, there's all sorts of crap than can be fired from police shotguns nowadays (look at the US not the UK) Bag charges, bean bags, etc. If It's in 'future land' and based on violence there is a shotgun round in existence that fires its pellets in a plastic cage which only disrupts on contact with the target. It's the equivalent of being hit by a sawn off at 0' range.
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  5. Looks good. Can't think of any suggestions other than a snazzy UGL like Goat suggests. Having spent the evening filling out job application forms my grey matter is a little defective. Best of luck :)
  6. Both of them are on the list!

    I'm thinking something ridiculous for an updated GPMG though... just need ideas.
  7. Oh sod innovation. Be lazy and just add some shiny flashy lights to the old LSW (loved that thing). Note to HM Govt, if you see this idea.... don't follow suit :p
  8. No, the LSW was ******* gash!

    Hard Stop is on about adding bits to the GPMG, after a long hard think about this all it needs is sirens and a light bar!
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  9. Admittedly it was utter shite but it sort of grew on you after you got landed with carrying one enough times. Like an ugly puppy.

    You are on to something with the GPMG however. Maybe needs some of that over the top Hollywood type addons

  10. 40mm GMG with GPMG attached underslung?, hey, it's a video game!
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  11. Missed out the loudspeaker that would be attached as well "Driver of the Blue BMW, I am an armed police officer, if you do not do exactly what I say, you will be shot". Circa 1970s but SO relevant.
  12. Go the full Rambo. Why the heck not :p

    Have to be able to fire it one handed while pointing at said BMW driver and making '******' gestures
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  13. Why don't you mash something up at Pimp My Gun and use that as the base?

    WARNING - You will find yourself playing on there for hours.
  14. Already a wee bit addicted
  15. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Rather than UGL, as its a police weapon have an underslung shotgun. That way you can have non lethal ammo for that rather than the silly toxin rounds you mention.
    Or, to make everyone happy, include picatinney rails, so you could mount UGL, shotgun or fore grip.

    Oh, and include a laser pointer as well.
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