Help with names!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by troggit, Jan 3, 2008.

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  1. Hi All,

    I just found this picture in an old box and i m keen to put names back to the faces.

    The Photo is my JMQC photo from 4ADTR back in 1991. I ve lost touch with most of the guys in it.

    Besides it may bring a smile to some to see how young everyone looked.

  2. PM sent
  3. I can name a few.

    Certainly a young looking Ralph Wiggam there.
  4. looks like most of my depot recruits course from 88 will dig out the pis and pm you with names
  5. blimey...centre back has got the BIGGEST ears i've ever seen
  6. Nope thats Stabtiffy2B - he has the biggest ears in the world - even bigger than dumbo!
  7. and slim...
  8. He's only got one big ear!
  9. I recognise the REME and Ordnance stylee twat hats but what regiment are that lot in the Black? Why were they all on a REME JMQC?
  10. Waaah!!!!

    (by the way, saw u pulling into the "private road" the other night, i think they will need to widen it if you were staying there!! :wink: )