Help with my pending DIT Theory lesson assessment

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Vally_Commando, Feb 17, 2008.

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  1. Can anyone out there thats done their DIT course (and hopefully passed it!) pass on any ideas on what topic to choose for the 20min theory lesson?
    I've got my skill lesson down to a tee but struggling with the theory????
  2. Do something simple like a map reading lesson, give them things to do like bearings/route cards etc so you don't have to stand there on permanent send for 20 mins. All you need are maps, compasses and a few pre-prepared grids.
  3. I'm doing DITS at the moment, and i'm the other way round. My theory is sorted but i'm struggling with the practical.
  4. A few knots and lashings - Clove hitch Explain - Demonstrate - Imitate - Practice before you know it's all over
  5. Sounds good so far guys cheers, doing the knots and lashings bit sunday so got that one already squared away. Map reading sounds excellent thanks Bangalore
  6. There are loads mate.

    How to make a brew/cook compo, put webbing together etc,etc.

    Just think of the things you do everyday, and something will come to you.
  7. I'm thinking of maybe applying a first field dressing.

    For theory guys on our course are doing stuff like badges of rank, the heart, tank crew positions and roles. Things they really know about and are confident talking about.
  8. Thats what to do. If you know something inside out, go with that, If you are confident in your subject, its shows to the instructors.
  9. Keep it simple one lad on mine did a lesson on how to prepare a pot noodle
  10. He wants theory lesson ideas, you've just given a practical lesson.
  11. I was replying to Diamond duke
  12. Thats you told again Dingerr!
  13. :crying: