help with my medical questionaire?

im appling as infantry and my gp still downt have my medical records,just wondering at the back page there's 2 options given to the doctor
1.i completed by the medical records
2.i did not have and each answer were elicited and interviewed individually

just wondering that means they dont need my medical records?or are they still asked sooner or later?
because im born a soldier,the only problem i have is flat feet and thats whats going to turn me down,different way war is still in my blood
test how i burn every single piece which u can do,running etc....come on 1.5 mile in 7.45 with f***in flat feet without even started basic. see what i mean just test me i will show u and the recruits what my blood is made from! test me im ready were are u located? lets do it ill show u how to run!
kwaki1001 said:
come on watch ythem eyes turn to me when i run that 1.5 mile run if i get to selection from the recruits,just watch
No they won't, because you won't pass the medical you dullard.
kwaki1001 said:
because im born a soldier,the only problem i have is flat feet and thats whats going to turn me down,different way war is still in my blood
As my younger sister is always saying, OMG. Your head is so far up your arrse that you can't see how ridiculous you look; it's certainly amusing. Before I put my serious hat on, may I suggest you go to the NAAFI Bar and repeat all that there. I can think of a few who'll give you choice responses...

Now, serious hat. Your medical forms must be filled in by a doctor; whether they do this via existing records or interview is up to them (they still get paid the same). Personally, I think you'd be better off doing it by interview; my doctor just used her records; everything she wrote was three years out of date and caused endless trouble later on.

If you can seriously run 2.4km in 7.45, then your flat feet aren't likely to be a problem. Your attitude might be, though. "Heroes don't die, they just reload", "I'm a born soldier..." etc. FFS, you are trying your best to join our gang; laying down challenges and spouting corny Rambo lines are not going to endear you to those who decide whether you're good enough.

The acid test will be seeing if you take this on board...

What are you applying for, out of interest?
kwaki1001 with big fat flat feet wrote said:
18 heaves,55 press ups in 2 mins,65 situps in 2 mins and listen lad im still a civilian,what will happen when i get in if i get in
I do not want to extend this thread unnecessarily but I do want to point out that you are a mong. I can only assume you have limited intelligence or you wouldn't even be asking such stupid questions. We can only hope that you will soon be bored and trot off on your big fat flat feet - and by the way, if you are going to boast about your performance, you need to work on your strength as your figures for press ups and sit ups are crap.
kwaki1001 said:
looks who is calling a 'dullard' couldn't u read if i get to selection,i think go back to school army isn't for u
And 'if' you get to selection, you will fail that medical so you won't get to do the phys.

I say again, dullard.

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