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help with my headset

i got a headset with mic for xmas and when i try to put the mic on i get a loud buzzing noise in my earpiece so i have to turn the mic off is there any reason for this i want to get in using it on online games can anybody help me
Do you put it in the correct hole?
if you have more than 1 Mic jack try them all,if not plug u headset into mic and shout down the ear peice. LOL :thumright:
As it is USB it probably does not mute the computer speakers and you are getting a form of feedback, try muting your speakers. Alternatively try putting your hand over the microphone to stop any sound coming into it and see if this helps.


ps Did it come with software?
no there wasnt any software just plug in and playif i mute the mic the sounds fine just when i put it on it makes the noise now and then its worked but not regularly ive looked on the internet and havent found much help
Have you tried playing around with the recording levels in Control panel- Sound and devices?
Dunno if it will help but got to be worth a go.

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