Help with my grandads records

Hi everyone. I am hoping you can help me, I have been trying to trace details of my grandad who died before I was born. Nearly all of my photos of him are whilst in the army. Only recently I have got his service records from Glasgow and I am trying to find out where he served etc.

Using his picture I have as my profile I can see a 8th India badge and the picture with the date 17/4/44 on his casualty list. I have been trying to read his casualty list but it’s hard. I can see he served from 1941-46 in the artillery. Left the uk on 23/4/43 and got the war medal, star and Africa and Italy star before coming back 27/6/45. His number is 13103022. The pictures are too big to upload on here but i have created a google album with the link at bottom of post.

Looking at it he served with 52 field unit RA. He was from Salford.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. As I have no clue about the codes and handwriting.



Whole service album and pictures
What exactly are you hoping to find out?
His Service Records look pretty comprehensive as to his unit within 8th Indian Division (part of 8th Army).
If you want to know where he was and what his unit did the War Diary for his RA unit for the years he was in, should be available from The National Archives, Kew.

There are folk who will photocopy it onto CD if you want to.
Yeah that sort of thing. I don't mind doing the reading of loads of documents but i cant find the war diary online. I live in greater Manchester and i cant drive so going down is not a option.

Or if anyone can put it on dropbox or google drive etc? I can only see N.A for north Africa, cant see anything for Italy properly yet he got the star for it.

There's a researcher I've recommended to others who is also on the WW2Talk forum @Drew5233
The records aren't online.
Italy may be noted by CMF (Central Mediterranean Forces) also MEF (Middle East Forces). Think only Africa Star was issued during the war - others had to be applied for post war.
Noting he was in the rag trade pre enlistment and ended up Quartermaster Sgt .
He may only get mentioned by name in the War Diaries on promotions and demob - if that - but they'll tell you where the unit and subs were located and when so you'll be able to trace their footsteps and make a chronology.
Tie that in with general 8th Army Africa/Italy campaign reading.

ETA Googled 52 Bty RA and it took me straight to a WW2Talk thread with some info that'll be of interest to you.
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If you search for 52 field unit Royal Artilery war diary ww2 you should get closer to finding it.

War diaries are usually about 4 or 5 pounds to get a download from kew.

Sped a bit of time finding out who 52 field unit were attached to or a part of. I have no idea but this does not sound like the name of a regiment. Find the regiment, then search for the way diary on the national archives website.

I googled it and there are mentions of it on various other forums.
Thank you all for your answers. I am not expecting to find out exact details of what he did, or named personally, i just want to research where he was and what the unit did.

He died before i was born and my mother never had a relationship with her mother before she died or his family so i am trying to find out what i can on that side of the family. All i know is he was a son of jewish russian immigrants and three of the brothers signed up during ww2. This is one of the few ways i will find anything out


1911 Census, two Baskin families in Lancashire, one at 14 Bell St. Cheetham, Manchester, with a Joseph as head, all born in Russia. The other at 28 Vine Street, Liverpool with an Isaac as Head, also all born in Russia.

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