Help with my dissertation.

Hello Fellow Arrsers!

As some people may know, I'm an ex-soldier (ex-Royal Engineers) who is now studying Clinical & Health Psychology as an undergrad. Now half way through my second year, I have started on my dissertation.

The aim of the study is to see if an patient information leaflet will improve the patient satisfaction (and thus compliance?) of outpatients in a hospital setting. One of the clinics we will be assessing will be a rheumatology clinic. The others are, as yet, undecided.

I don’t want to post too much information, as obviously I don’t want anybody stealing the methodology, although I will be happy to answer questions via PMs.

My supervisor is the director of ethics and clinical governance at a hospital, and is aiming for a British Medical Journal publication, and with her track record, this is a realistic prospect.

The reason I am posting on here, is because I know there are a huge amount health care professionals on here that may have experience or knowledge in this research area, and who may be able to help me.

I’m not asking for people to write this thing for me, but I would be interested to know if anybody could point me in the direction of any useful/relevant studies, or textbooks. Some of the nurses on here may have even carried out a relevant literature review.

Thanks very much,

A_L :headbang:

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