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Hi Guys,

I'm looking to get hold of a copy of the citation and medal my wife's Great Grandfather was awarded in the first world war. I'm hoping to get a copy of the medal mounted and framed with the citation and a photograph, and to give this to my wife's Grandmother on her 90th birthday as it was her father that was awarded the Military Medal. I believe the original medal was lost.

The date of the Gazette was 24/1/1919.
I have the following details on him Pte Fredrick Edwards Regi number 765144 Corp: 13th Bn Royal fusilier

The registered paper is 68/121/727 Schedule Number: 198682

If you could put me in the right direction to get a copy of the medal, citation and who you would recommend to get it mounted in a frame.
Thanks for your help

Send a PM to "Charm_City", a member here. He's across all this stuff and did a sterling job looking into my grandfather's service. If it's there, he'll find it.

it so happens I'm in Kew later this week. PM me and sure we can reach an agreement that gets you some research time and gets Hols4H a few quid. But an actual citation, as opposed to establishing the circumstances of the reward, may be difficult to come by.

Thanks for the advice, CC there is a PM on the way and I'm more than happy to donate a tidy sum to H4H.
I'll let you you know what CC finds out.

Have you thought about contacting the Librarian at the National Army Museum, or alternatively the Imperial War Museum in London ? All Gallantry Awards are published in the London Gazette, which may be the reference number you have. The National Army Museum, (next to the Royal Hospital in Chelsea) certainly has full records of the Army List going back to the 19th Century and may well have archives of the London Gazette.

The Imperial War Museum's records only cover the period from the First World War forwards and may be another avenue to research.

I'm pretty sure you can Google their contact details.
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