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Hi Guys
a friend as asked me to help him understand a Merlin report he as for a ex army Land rover 90 35-kl-17 i wonder if you guys can help me heres part of it and i know its related to sfor and kfor

UIN A9000L 362 ss op grapple engr wksp
A9001E op grapple Armd Recce sqn
A9000F op grapple Med Recce Sqn 1
A9000C op grapple Combritfor sig sqn
A9501E op resolute HQ NSE Sp Sqn
A9504A Uk North Armd BG CSAT

Any help with this would be great, would like to know what units/sqn.reg these where

Here you go matey - glad to be of help!

Name: Merlin
Alias:Bongo the Magician
Age: Unknown
Height: 188cm
Known Compadre's: Arthur (King) Lancelot, Bedivere,Guinivere, Tristram, Galahad
Likes:Clowns, party food, punch and judy shows
Dislikes:Children who know how it's done, cheese and pineapple cocktail sticks presented on an orange, CH90210 and witches.
Appearance: long white beard, known to wear a large body length smock and a big pointy hat. Smock contains: rabbits, 150 metres of knotted hankies, 7 dimped fag ends and a box of matches
Wanted In Connection with:

Suspected criminal damage: in that he stabbed a rock with an illegally held offensive weapon known to be over 4 inches long.

Cruelty to animals: in that he is frequently witnessed pulling rabbits out of hats

Lewd behavior: in that he is frequently witnessed asking children to inspect his "wizards sleeve".

Not considered to be dangerous but can turn mildly agressive and is known to exhibit strange behaviour to the authorities. Cautioned in 592AD for shouting "abracafuckingdabra" at a PCSO. Known to frequent childrens parties and pending investigation may lead to further charges of abuse against a minor and tax avoidance charges maybe levied by HM Treasury.
go take a dump and empty your head, it may be ex army but with more service than you have ever had

pamwe chete
5 years getting thrashed in Bosnia.
2 years in depot leaking oil.
4 years getting thrashed in Canada.
3 years getting thrashed in a training fleet.

Must be falling to bits that thing.
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