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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by ForeverHopeful, Jul 27, 2013.

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  1. Alright everyone, new member here and have never served. But I am hopeful to join up asap. I'm not near fit enough right now as I'm a bit of a tubby barsteward, but I'll lose that no bother. The biggest obstacle I've got is my medical. I've got what I think is a unique medical situation (at least I think it's unique - I could well be talking utter bollox) and need some advice and guidance on how to approach the situation from someone ITK about medical issues before I go and bother people at the AFCO with it. If you've the time to listen to my problems, you'll win my thanks (but probably fcuk-all else to be fair).

    Cheers everyone.

    P.S. - Apologies if this is a waste of a thread, not intentional.

    Amendment - It's with a view to joining 6SCOTS by the way.

  2. That probably would help wouldn't it? I'm in mong mode tonight, apologies. Basically I had a very severe chronic medical condition as a child involving my abdomen that has since been cured and sorted, I've been given the green light by both my GP and the surgeon who sorted it and a clean bill of health. But when I tried to join up a few years they declared me P8, saying my medical condition is still a factor because their records don't acknowledge it as being sorted. They said that if I have the backing of my GP and surgeon (which I have) I'd be able to appeal and probably bypass the medical decision (but I threw a bit of a hissy-fit like a proper tit being the kid that I was and put it on the burner, until now). I basically want help and info on how to go about pursuing an appeal, cos I've been googling all night and found fanny-all.

  3. Cheers mate, every little helps. You're right about the AFCO but they probably won't even take me to the medical until I've lost the tyre in my gut.
  4. It's not mate, my BMI is 32. I've been heavy on the bevvy the last few years. I'm fit, I can do all the fitness tests - I just don't look it :biggrin:. They did say though that I can be above 25 and below 32 as long as my waist was no larger than 91 cm (which it is). I'm not far off it, I think a 2 or 3 months hard graft and layin off the beer will see me there.
  5. You will be deferred on your BMI alone, if over the limit.

    Amongst the many problems with the application process and the medical is the BMI, the recruitment sergeant down at 4 Para had lads deferred who had rugby type physiques, even though a blind man would obviously be able to tell they were not overweight. I guess they get through on appeal or whatever but more time & money wasted, more people put off, surely a pair of callipers to measure body fat would be fairer.

  6. They wouldn't do that mullers - That would make too much sense!